Whole Meal Spiral Pasta with Roasted Vegetable Sauce

Cooking a perfect plate of al dente pasta is simple once you have mastered a few basic techniques.
  • Cook Pasta in Plenty of water
  • Always add salt to the boiling water. Followed by adding the pasta
  • Drain the pasta as soon as it reaches al dente state *.The cooking time of pasta depends on the type and shape of the pasta. Follow the instruction of the packets
  • Once pasta is cooked, drain it . Never drain it too much or too long.
  • It is not advisable to keep the hot pasta in a colander for long. The flavors of the sauces blend well with the pasta when the pasta is hot and with little of water left in it.

2 Medium Red peppers /Capsicums
2 Firm tomatoes
2 Small/medium Size red onions
2 cloves Garlic
2-3 tb spn Virgin Olive Oil
Salt/Pepper according to taste
250 gms Pasta
Parmesan Cheese, Olives and Pine seeds for dressing.

Preheat oven to 180 degree C
Cut the capsicum to quarter and deseed it.
Cut tomatoes and onions to quarter and peel the Garlic

Arrange vegetables in pan in one layer.
Drizzle the olive oil on top of it .
Add salt and freshly ground paper to it and bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes.
Let it cool and blend the roasted vegetables in a blender till smooth.

Meanwhile cook the pasta till al-dente as per the instructions in the packet.
Add the sauce to the Pasta .Decorate with Shaved or grated Parmesan .Go on and add the olives and Pine seeds on top of the serving.
Enjoy with a glass of wine :-)

*Al dente pasta has a lower glycemic index than overcooked pasta which means they give you a slow, steady supply of fuel while allowing your blood sugar levels to stay constant.

This is my entry to  this weeks Presto Pasta Nights hosted by Kirsten and Ruth


  1. What a lovely dish for Presto Pasta Nights, especially during this hectic season. Thanks for joining in the fun and I hope to see you often in 2011.

    Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season

  2. @Ruth Daniels
    Hey Ruth..

    Thank u:-)
    Also Congrats to u for hosting such a fun event..and keeping the momentum going for past 3 years..
    I will sure send my entries from time to time

    Have a wonderful holiday…

  3. Roasting and then blending the vegetables sounds like a very flavor packed way to do the pasta sauce. I want to try that.

  4. This sounds so so so healthy and yummy! I love making soups with pureed veggies too but had never thought of it as a base for noodles! Awesome! We eat pasta nearly everyday but I always try to make sure I am using healthy stuff like Kamut Wheat noodles since they have so many nutrients and are a whole grain. I would love to make a healthy veggie sauce too! yay!

  5. @ Claudia and Lynn
    Thank u for your comments...
    Do try it out and lemme know how u like it:-)
    Happy holidays..



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