Matcha / Green tea Ice cream (No cream No eggs)

My notion about Ice creams was that its best to get from store. I have tried my luck at making homemade ice creams with the perfect creamy texture..didn’t have much luck there. Few years back I even  lugged an ice cream maker from US, to tell the truth that is happily  sitting in the top cupboards, hardly ever used it. Luckily I recently moved my Kitchen Aid up as well. Now ice cream maker have a companyJ. Both of them are blissfully hibernating. I see some eye rolling .. heard that right, I rarely use my kitchen aid. Mainly because I usually bake for just 2 of us and for that I always rely on my 10 dollar hand held mixer which come handy . I have been using it for 3+ years and still going strong. Love it!

Back to ice creams, I have tried a few ice cream recipes with heavy cream the results were sort of ok but was not great and lacked that Oooph factor.And I never met the my target of meeting the right combination of healthy and yummy Ice creams. Unfortunately many ice-cream recipes which look yummy call for egg yolks or raw egg white.. raw egg whites in ice cream?? That is a bit too weird for me. Recently I stumbled on this recipe when looking for ways to use up my matcha powder. This one calls for no eggs or cream. Just low fat carnation milk and the results awesome and the Ooph factor is right there!!!The perfect Matcha ice cream which is not too sweet ,strong matcha flavor and a teeny tiny hint of bitterness from the Matcha powder..

 Matcha / Green tea Ice cream (No cream No eggs)

Recipe Courtesy  :

  • 1 Can Low fat evaporated Milk
  • 3 tbpsn Sugar
  • 2 tspn Matcha Powder dissolved in tbspn Milk
  • 1 tspn Gelatin dissolved in 2 tbspn warm water.
  • 3 tbspn water.

  • Chill the Evaporated milk for few hours.
  • Now beat it in medium speed until it fluffs up and double in volume.
  • Slowly add the sugar, matcha and gelatin mix and continue to beat until mixed well
  • Place in container and freeze for 2-3 hours , after which give it a quick mix in your blender
  • I did the above step two more times and left it overnight in freezer.
  • Next day move it to refrigerator 10 min before serving and scoop out and enjoy the matcha ice cream


  1. Looks creamy and yum, loved the pics ...beautiful are getting better day by day ...way to go..

  2. Wow dear pls pass a scoop,awesome clicks:)

  3. super tempting and yummy ice cream.beautiful clicks

  4. awesome clicks..... love the idea of creamless icecream...

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  5. Wow...looks superb and mouthwatering...looks absolutely delicious.

  6. No cream, thats truly looks fabulous..Beautiful icecream.

  7. this looks yumm..i love the flavour and colour of matcha. i am writing this taking my green tea as well. hehehe...
    This is very healthy and less sweet..nice clicks dear.

  8. No cream in ice cream!! :p I like the healthy variation in this...but will try with a different flavor...not a fan of match :) Great foots

  9. err...sorry...i meant foots but my auto correction changed it to foots :(

  10. ghee...there it did it again on i mean PHOTOS :)

  11. Healthy version...Looks creamy too...Loved the addition of matcha and the color ice cream got..Nice clicks...

  12. eggs, no cream is simply cool!!

  13. sell your kitchen aid, for god's sake! you'll feel oh so deliberated. ;-)


  14. Wow, I love how you placed the ice cream on black, it pops out of the picture!



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