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Hello and Welcome to Hot From My Oven

Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.  ~Jim Davis 
….And I must admit I love my veggies and eat hell-lot of themJ

I am Ramya from Singapore , an Engineer at day and a passionate baker after work.
Hot from my oven is where I share tried and tested vegetarian recipes from around the world.
You will find mostly desserts and baked goodies here as I have a super sweet tooth and absolutely love baking.
Recently I am inclined to Low fat and Vegan baking and trying to find the middle ground b/w healthy yet delicious food.

How it all started?
Hot from my oven was born on December 2009, during a lazy Christmas holiday break.
That is when I got my oven and started taking my baby steps on baking
Needless to say the initial attempts were disastrous..Cakes became Pudding…Cookies became Chips.. 
One year went by and I was more focused on baking and absolutely ignored my blog.
I actively started bogging from the next Christmas holidays in year of 2010
And yes , it took me almost a year to learn the tips n tricks of baking..And since then I have never stopped baking.
I love baking and find it absolutely therapeutic….

My passions?

You become and expert in wine by drinking lotf of it!
Much on the same way I am always on constant hunt for desserts from Crème brûlée to cheese cakes to Kueh Lapis
I love to keep a click of all the bestest desserts I tasted from different parts of the world.
I love collecting cookbooks from my favorite Chefs ..Friends and family, if u r reading this..you know what to gift me for my birthdayJ
And yes, I am addicted to AFC and Food network channel..

"Noncooks think it's silly to invest two hours' work in two minutes' enjoyment; but if cooking is evanescent, so is the ballet."
....Julia Child

Thank again for visiting my space

I would love to hear from you..

You can leave a comment in my blog or email me 


  1. Totally agree about baking being a science! I'm a substitution queen too and learnt it the hard way :(

  2. Totally agree about baking being a science. I am a substitution addict and learnt my lessons the hard way too!

  3. Hi Ramya -- I wanted to let you know that in your sticky toffee recipe that you added to my event, you've forgotten to give measurement for the Vanilla - could you please add this to your recipe asap - thanks a lot :))

  4. @ Priya ,I totally missed to add that in the ingredients list. Thanks a bunch for reminding :-)

  5. Hi army you have a nice blog with very different recipes.I have a small space too! Check it out in www.umakitchen.com!

  6. Hi Ramya, if you are still in SG. Do contact me at simplysara07@gmail.com there is a blogger meet.

  7. enjoy your blog so much. I am a singaporean too. Going to share your blog on mine.

  8. you must see Master chef india in Star plus Sat& Sun 09to 10

  9. @ Deepak: I wud love to, but we haven't subscribed to Star plus:-( but i do watch it from youtube from time to time!

  10. Oh God why I never seen this page before .....and hey babe your photo doesn't do justice ..so change and show how glamorous you are :)

  11. Hi Ramya!I am a new food blogger.will u support me in this blogging world?



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