Stuffed Poori with Coriander Chutney and Mango Lassi

These days we are having Shutdown…aka every xmas out office closes for 2 -2.5 weeks...he he
Isnt it great???
Ya thatz one of the best thing I like about my job:-)

Anyways….so most of the days I wake up arnd 9 --10…always after breakfast time..
So these days I just have to cook two meals a day…brunch and dinner..

Pooris are my favorite Brunch dish…its easy, quick and yummy

So when I saw the Stuffed peas pooris in Srivalli’s Blog, I sooo wanted to try it…

I made few modifications to her recipe...Here is recipe I followed

For Poori
All purpose Flour 1 Cup
Ghee -1 tspn
Salt to taste

For filling
½ cup cooked Green pea and Chick pea mashed well
[You can use Green peas alone, I had left over Chick pea so I just popped that in as well]
Ginger-I small piece chopped
Garlic- 1 clove chopped
Chillies 1 no
Garam Masala ½ tspn
Ghee ½ tspn

Add ghee to the flour and mix well.
Add in salt and water ,knead well and make a firm douch and set aside

Add ghee to a wok, once hot enough add in Ginger, Garlic and chilies and sauté for a minute
Now add the mashed Peas/Chick Pea mixture. Add in garam masala and salt and mix well.

Take a small portion of dough, flatten lightly.
Add in a spoon full of filling , cover all sides and roll to a 3 inch rounds on a lightly floured surface

Deep fry the pooris in oil till both sides are browned well
Drain on paper towel and server with a Coriander Chutney

Coriander Chutney
Blend 2 table spoon of curd together with a bunch of fresh coriander leaves and a little salt.

Mango Lassi
2 cups fresh Yogurt
¼ cup Mongo Puree
1 Ripe mango cut in pieces
1 spoon Sugar

Blend all ingredients well in a blender and njoy the lassi.


  1. love these cute poori's, definitely a chane from the usual ones..:)

  2. @Sumi
    hi Sumi...Thank u for the compliments :-)
    Happy holidays..



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