Pink Grapefruit Punch

Slice open a succulent grapefruit and squeeze one cup of fresh grapefruit juice and there you have a glass of
Super Juice with health benefits ranging from Anti-oxidants to anti-cancer nutrients.
The list continues… vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, folate and many B-vitamins.

Ok tastes very bitter isnt it? Don’t worry, we will work on it..

Letz make a Punch

You need
2 Fresh Ripe grape fruit
50 g Strawberry flavored Jelly Crystals
1 table spoon Sugar
1 Cup water

Cut the Grapefruits to half and squeeze the Juice of 3 Half Slices
Cut the 4th one to small cubes and line the bottom of a bowl.
Now boil 1/2 Cup water . Dissolve the Jelly crystals and Sugar to the hot water and mix well till sugar and Jelly crystals dissolves completely
Add the rest of the water and Grapefruit juice to the above mix and mix well.

Pour this to the prepared bowl and refrigerate for 4 hour.

Since we added only half of the Jelly crystals, the mixture wont set to jelly.However the Punch won’t be too watery either

The Punch is very flavorful with the Sweetness and a dash of sourness from Strawberry Jelly crystals...the kick of bitterness from Grapefruit...

Now lemme stop the photography and enjoy the Sweet..Sour...Bitter....Punch..:-)


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  2. Woww gorgeous and great looking punch..

  3. That punch looks great. I just recieved a crate of grapefruit from my mother- in-law in florida. This recipe will come in handy.

  4. @ Vincent : Thank you for your feedback. I am delighted:-). Sure, I will be more than happy to add my blog to Petitchef

    @ Priya n Ann : Thanks a bunch...More punches on the way:-)



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