Kiwi Celery Punch

I am on Refrigerator Cleaning spree these days as I will be out of Singapore for 2 weeks and I am 200% sure that my dear hubby won’t enter the Kitchen during those 2 weeks
Ooo ya,he might enter.. to grab a beer or Juice from the refrigerator…Anyways I had to clear up a basket of Kiwi fruits

So I decided it’s time for a Punch…

So here is what you need

4 Small Kiwis peeled and cut to quarters
100 grams Celery cut roughly.
1 Lemon
Sweetener of your Choice
One and a half cup water

Blend the Celery in blender till smooth. Now add the Kiwis and squeeze little lemon Juice.
Add water and a table spoon of sweetener of your choice and blend till smooth

Enjoy the Citrous Punch:-)

Add celery to you juices coz its rich in Phytonutrients and is highly nutritious. The Celery stems are rich in Vitamin B , iron , folic acid and essential amino acids.

Kiwi fruits as you all know are an excellent source of Vitamic C.
Its is also said to be a good home remedy for handovers :-)

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  1. Sounds delicious and very healthy for the new year!

  2. Woww wat a catchy and healthy punch, amazing!

  3. Thank you ladies :-)
    I am soo happy that you liked it!!



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