Homemade Ginger Syrup for Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer

Had a fun weekend?For me the highlight was a lovely nostalgic movie, Manjadikuru. Kudos to Anjali menon for taking us for a ride through the colourful childhood. I am sure many Keralites can absolutely relate to this, the summer vacations in the late 80’s and 90’s, appuppan and ammuma waiting eagerly for you in front of the big ancestral house ,the pond, mango trees,lots and lots of ppl, fun fun and more fun. I personally enjoyed every second of the movie. It was like  I was reliving my childhood. Only difference was that there was no pond in our Tharavadu instead our ancestral house was on the shore of the serene Bharathapuzha and the population is slightly higherJ. Yeah I have a total of 24 cousins!

Let me fast forward few years and come to present and share today’s recipe. Homemade Ginger beer. You are not going to buy that crappy ginger beer from store anymore once you get a taste of the home made one! I bet you on thatJ. And its soo simple, just three ingredients and there you have a refreshing summer drink

Home-made Ginger Syrup for Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer

1 Cup ginger
1 Cup Raw Sugar
1 lemon
21/2 Cup water

Clean the ginger well, peel it and in a food processor chop it until it is very fine.
Add the finely chopped ginger, sugar ,juice of one lemon , 3 one inch slices of lemon peels and water to a pot and simmer for 15 minutes. Once it is cooled down, you can sieve using a cheese cloth.
Bring the liquid back to stove and simmer for another 20-30 minutes until it has reduced to half and become a thick syrup.There you have the home-made ginger syrup.

Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer
1 Can soda
1-2 tbspn Syrup as per taste
1 wedge of lime or lemon

Pour the syrup, some ice cubes, lime wedge to a big glass. Top with soda and there you have the cooling, refreshing drink.


  1. Delicious ginger syrup Ramya. Love the clicks.

  2. Refreshing n yum ...nice pics gal

  3. Looks great ramya. Lovely pictures :)

  4. Real refreshing and healthy one... Love the clicks...

  5. Yummy ginger drink.....Nice clicks.....

  6. Oh that is so refreshing!!! Lovely pictures!!! All of them look so picture perfect!! Wonder how many pictures you take to get the best one for each recipe!!!


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  7. Very nice and tempting drink. super clicks too

  8. what amazing pictures Ramya they look so inviting and a very different recipe too, loving it

    Cook like Priya

  9. Like the clicks as much as the drink itself :) nice one, Ramya :)

  10. Super refreshing drink, nothing will beat homemade syrup na.

  11. Oh! You stirred up some memories from my past as well.I used to enjoy going to kerala for vacations. Lovely pics Ramya. Very beautiful.

  12. Refreshing drink and very beautiful clicks..Do u use tripod for that water flowing clicks? These days you are clicking/posting many of those and they are very beautiful...

    1. Thank you:-) I use a tripod which came with my Nikon camera. I recently started shooting in Manual mode , so just trying out various combinations on shutter speed:-)

  13. Superb clicks. bookmarked it :) will try for sure !

  14. Ginger ale looks too good and loooved the pics..

  15. loved everybit of ur childhood memory ramya.. me too enjoyed my early days with my grandparents and cousins. I had 22 cousins ...u have +2..really miss the good old days.
    Ur pictures are stunning Ramya. I make lemon ginger sarbath and keep in fridge. both of my kids love it and ask for a sparkling drink after we r back from shopping or office.

  16. Last picture is so captivating...well done.

  17. Super photos!!! i'm ur new follower , you can check my blog and follow too:)

  18. The ginger syrup and drink look delicious. Love the pictures too.


  19. I keep a bottle of ginger syrup in the fridge just for this purpose! I've never added lemon to my syrup. That's a great idea! I'll try it next time. Thanks! Gorgeous pictures!

  20. Wow! I have been missing "Canada Dry" since I left the US. Now I can make this syrup and enjoy Ginger ale anytime! Thank you!



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