Gnocchi is an Italian dish which are small dumplings made of Potato, flour and flavorings..
I first had a taste of it from Melbourne and loved the texture of it…
I also managed to bring back 4 packs of Gnocchi ..Ya you heard it right...Four :-)
Once I ran out of my Aussi gnocchi stock, I started to hunt for Gnocchi in Singapore…
I did manage to find it in Carrefour …It was Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi and to be honest I didn’t like the taste…
Thatz when I came across pretty easy Gnocchi recipes in one of the food shows…
In fact it is so easy that you don’t have to run to grocery shop for ingredients..its right there in your kitchen

Here is what you need
2 Large Russet Potatoes
1 Cup All purpose Flour [plus extra for dusting]
Salt to Paste
1 tablespoon Parmesan Cheese [Optional]
Quarter Cup pasta Sauce.

Clean the potatoes.
Bring water to boil in a big pot and add in the potatoes. Cook on medium low heat until it is cooked but not too soft.
Remove the potatoes from hot water and let it cool.
Once cool enough to handle, peel the potatoes and grate it . You need the potatoes in fine grains so use a cheese grater for grating
Transfer the grated potatoes to a bowl and sprinkle little salt over it.
Add flour little by little and knead well till a soft dough is formed.

Now you need do lot of rolling and playing so chose a big chopping board and flour it generously.

Pull off a chunk of the dough and roll it to a tube shape.
Now using a knife cut in half inch length of dough from the tubes.
Do check out this video for more details

I will leave it to your creativity to shape the Gnocchi’s.
I used a fork , gently roll each Gnocchi on top of the Fork so that the groves are formed for the sauce to sink in.

Place the Gnocchi’s on a floured surface. Don’t let the gnocchi’s to get too friendly with each other coz they will stick and lose shapes when u try to separate.

Bring water to boil in a large pan , once water starts boiling add about 10-15 Gnocchi’s. Once Gnocchi’s are cooked it will start floating.

Now take it out of water and serve with your favorite pasta sauce

Sprinkle some Parmesan and dried basil on top just before serving.


  1. Omg, just drooling here..tempting gnocchis..

  2. Thank you Priya..
    By the way...I am not able to post comments in your blog. I had made couple of dishes using the recipies you posted in your blog..but not able to share the joy with u:-( Coz when I select the google account the page keeps reloading...but my comments never appear...

  3. Hola desde VIGO ESPAÑA , te deseo un año 2011 lleno de felicidad y prosperidad. Me encanta tu blog , esta receta es estupenda yo los hago mucho soy descenciente de Italianos ... Te invito a compartir Blogs y recetas . Saludos MARIMI

  4. gnocchi looks fabulous
    first time here
    happy new year



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