Barley and Vegetable Soup

It’s a rain soaked weekend for us here so no special plans for Sunday evening other than making this souperlicious soupJ.What better way to enjoy your cozy weekend than this..the sound of rain outside your window, cool breeze, your favourite book in hand, hot coffee by the table and the smell of this hearty soups simmering in the stove.

Matcha / Green tea Ice cream (No cream No eggs)

My notion about Ice creams was that its best to get from store. I have tried my luck at making homemade ice creams with the perfect creamy texture..didn’t have much luck there. Few years back I even  lugged an ice cream maker from US, to tell the truth that is happily  sitting in the top cupboards, hardly ever used it. Luckily I recently moved my Kitchen Aid up as well. Now ice cream maker have a companyJ. Both of them are blissfully hibernating. I see some eye rolling .. heard that right, I rarely use my kitchen aid. Mainly because I usually bake for just 2 of us and for that I always rely on my 10 dollar hand held mixer which come handy . I have been using it for 3+ years and still going strong. Love it!

Black Sesame Cookies

Remember the emotional coma episode I went through after spotting my first grey hairL.I almost went into a panic mode for next few days doing treasure hunt in my head every morning! Ooopphh
Anyways I have decided to give that a stop for the time being coz I am pretty sure that I am gone find more if I am getting soo worked out by that one silver strand!
So basically I have decided to eat healthy ,stay fit and seriously thinking about coloring my hairJ.

Rose Pudding with Soy milk-A simple vegan dessert

Tuesdays..Pilates class .. rigorous hour long exercise(or should I call tortureJ?)..and I am almost dying..
So nothing to stories to brain has shutdown and soon my hands will stop working too.Lemme quickly share the recipe before my body shutdown completely
Wait wait I told you here that I am keeping the best for later..remember?
So ladies and gentle man..let me present to you my pilates teacher, May. And yeah thatz her in the picture.
Take your time , go to her your mouth wide open..let your eye pop out..Its all absolutely normal and expected and I have seen that many many times.
And yes she is an excellent trainer..the best I have had so farJ
No pressure..take your time,relax, take some deep breaths and come back to the recipe at your own pace!

Vegan Banana Chocolate Layer cake

Yesterday morning I received a message from a friend that a photo from my blog is being shared by another guy in facebook.
It’s not soo simple. Firstly this guy have copied my photo, secondly he have taken the time and effort to come to my blog, copy my recipe, translate it in Malayalam and post it in his facebook and happily share it and not even a single mention of the source of the image or recipe.Grrrr. Plagiarism at its peak.Whoever did this shameless task should at least have the bare minimum courtesy  to leave a link or even a mention of the source of the image and recipe.
And what did I do : Politely dropped him a personal message, left a comment on his blog. Nothing rude. Just mentioned that it is a copyrighted image/recipe and appreciate if he removed it ( nice I am? I myself am impressed by my politenessJ)
Luckily my politeness and patience wasn’t tested for long and peace was restored  .The person apologized and provided a link of my blog as the source for the pic and recipe! 

Homemade Ginger Syrup for Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer

Had a fun weekend?For me the highlight was a lovely nostalgic movie, Manjadikuru. Kudos to Anjali menon for taking us for a ride through the colourful childhood. I am sure many Keralites can absolutely relate to this, the summer vacations in the late 80’s and 90’s, appuppan and ammuma waiting eagerly for you in front of the big ancestral house ,the pond, mango trees,lots and lots of ppl, fun fun and more fun. I personally enjoyed every second of the movie. It was like  I was reliving my childhood. Only difference was that there was no pond in our Tharavadu instead our ancestral house was on the shore of the serene Bharathapuzha and the population is slightly higherJ. Yeah I have a total of 24 cousins!

Super Moist Carrot cake with Butterscotch Icing

 Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill because they pissed me off!
I am pissed off!!Let me tell you why! Remember I joined Pilates class in our office  clubhouse during lunch time? I am happily doing Pilates , partly because I like doing stretches and partly because the teacher is totally absolutely motivating! More about my pilates teacher later. [Yeah I am keeping the best for last, you will know soon why J]So I got  changed and rushed to the studio and see the studio is locked down! My teacher and few other colleagues were waiting in front of the studio. Apparently the cleaner  misplaced the key, the teacher told us that the lady was looking for the keys. Meantime I saw the cleaner lady coming down few times and frantically looking for the keys everywhere. After 5 minuets she said , if we mind using the next room, which did not have mirrors. We said, sure why not!
Then enters the Lady Violent, let’s call her Mrs.V. She come down and ask us what is going on, teacher briefs what’s happening and suddenly she started fuming. “Why why why? Tell me your boss number? Let me call and complain right now. You people are damn careless. We paid soo much for the lass you see Blah blah #!%!” The poor lady who was new was almost in verge of tears..
I looked around and most of them were as shocked as me. We tried to calm Mrs.V.”Calm down,. It was an honest mistake. let’s use next room”. She started yelling at us as well!”Mistake? What the hell..these people must be taught a lesson “.Finally the teacher asked the cleaner to go upstairs and tried to calm the violent lady! She kept muttering for next 10 minutes.
Seriously do you have to be this harsh to a person just because we missed 5 minutes of a class? Don’t we all make mistakes? Was our 100 dollars worth a poor cleaners job?
How I wished Dexter Morgan lived in Singapore so that I could get a personnel training from himJ

Sesame Candy with a hint of Cardamom and Ginger

A girl can never have enough shoes!! Never ever! Proved that again this weekendJ
DH needed a new pair of sports shoe and we went down for the Royal sports ware house sale! Sadly , he didn’t find any for his taste  , but I found a cute pair of lactose shoes. With this black shoe, I think my shoe collection is just perfect,  almost have a matching shoe for most of my pants..Great! Picked it!
Got out of the sale, what do I see? Crocs new arrival collection! Now, I have to try that. I tried a few but DH started to bug me as we had a movie to catch.All I could think during the movie is the cute little black crocs shoe calling out for me “Buy me please..pretty please”!! My shoe collection will be totally absolutely complete if I had that one more black crocs shoe, I started to fell a  gravity pull or rather a croc-ity pull. After 1.5 hours of  dreaming of the shoe in the midst of a movie, I went straight to the shop and got that one as well and walked happily to MRT doing the happy dance. Guess what there is a shoe sale in the courtyard, I automatically started to do another round of shoe to dress mapping! Man I am a shopaholic shoe-aholic! I NEED HELP!!!I NEED HELP!!


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