Falafel and hummus

Ingredients for Falafel
½ Cup dried chick peas
Parsley 3 stems
White onion ½
Garlic 2 Cloves
Dry roasted Sesame seeds 1 tbspn
Oil for deep frying

Soak the chick peas overnight
Transfer the peas to a blender and blend it till coarse form and transfer to a bowl.
Now add in the in the parsley, Onion, Garlic in the blender and blend it till it is finely mixed.
Add in the paste to the chick pea . Add in the salt and sesame seed and mix well.
The texture should not be too crumbly. It should hold the shape when you try to shape it.
If it is too crumbly add in a table spoon of water and mix well.

I do not have a falafel maker so I user two table spoon. I pressed the batter to one spoon and gently scooped it to the oil using the other spoon.

Heat the oil in a pan, once oil is hot enough drop in the falafel one by one and fry it till Golden brown on both sides.

For Hummus
1 Cup cooked Chick peas
¼ cup yogurt
2 tbspn tahini. [I used roasted sesame seeds instead of Tahini]
1 tbspn Lime Juice
½ tpn Salt
For seasoning- Olive Oil, Paprika Powder, Parsley/mint leaves.

Cook the soaked Chick peas till tender.
Once it is cooked till soft. Drain it and transfer to a blender.
Add in Yogurt, sesame seeds, lime juice and salt . Blend it till it is a smooth paste
Drizzle olive oil, sprinkle the paprika powder and parsley on top of the Hummus paste

This is my entry to MLLA # 30 hosted by Priya and Susan


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