Barley Water

If you never had Barley water before or not even heard of it…you have come to the right place:-)
Barley water is a good source of natural fiber and an excellent anti-oxidant.
It also helps reduce cholesterol, provide intestinal protection and aid with disease protection
I have heard from many of my Chinese friends that Barley help to cool your body

And all ladies out there…I heard that barley water also clear up the complexion and stop the formation of wrinkles. :-)

So don’t wait any more …letz make the Barley drink.

You need
1 Cup Pearled Barley
10 Cups Water
50 G Rock Sugar [Optional]

Bring the water to Boil.
Rinse the barley well with water and add t the water. Let it simmer for 30 minutes
I added rock Sugar along with Barley. You can totally omit the Rock sugar if you prefer.
Once the barley has been fluffed and turn soft you can switch off the flame and let it cool.

You can add little Lemon juice just before serving for flavoring.


  1. This is a favourite of mine and my mom's. Barley has many health benefits for women :) love the click!



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