Ginger Glazed Walnuts

Let me warn are going to see a lot more of Pecan and walnut recipes in coming days!
What can I say..I am surrounded by a bunch of generous people, I mean literally very generous ! My parents recently went to US to spend the holidays with my sis and I asked them to get me some Pecans and walnuts back as they r pretty expensive in Singapore.[Please note the word someJ]And a month later I go back home for Christmas holidays . My mom is happily flaunting all the stuff they shopped from US and there comes the gifts and things for me! Two big bags of stuff..I am like what ???you got me two bag full of pecans and walnuts!! Yeah just 2.5 KG each of Pecans and walnuts!!! Seeing  my expression my mom asks me..Ops so is this not enough for you? should I have brought more:-) So thatz the extend of my mom’s generosity!
Bottom line I am going nuts over the 5 KG nuts starring at me in my pantry!

Poppy seed Cake

No sneaking around for low fat .. no guilt this time around.. its poppy seed cake for the weekend! Was planning to treat myself with a rich cake with succulent cream cheese  icing before I get back to my routine. Unfortunately it raining cats and dogs here in Singapore for last two days . So the laziness got the best of me and I chose to keep it simple. Nevertheless it’s a fluffy soft cake with the wicked poppy seeds. I am loving it.

Nutella Cupcake with Caramel sauce topping

Its 12 days into 2013..Better later than never !!.Let me wish all my dear readers a very happy new year.
December of 2012 was mad..Sleepless nights , a trip to US followed by 5 days neck deep work and to close it all a 2 week vacation in my hometown!
I got back to Singapore few days back and still struggling hard to get back to routine.I missed hell lot of posts from you all and almost forgot about my blog. Mostly because I haven’t been doing much cooking in the last couple of months. Things are a bit settled now and I hope to get back to ride soonJ .


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