Jalebi..Jangri..Jilebi..Or even JilaybeeeJ I honestly don’t know the right name.In my place we call is Jilaybee .After all what’s in a name.
It’s basically a yummy Indian sweet. As like most Indian sweet its superb sweet and not for light hearted folks. Its deep fried , doesn’t stop there and then we go ahead and soak it in a sugar syrup.
Now don’t count calories during this festive season , just indulge in this yummy sweet and bounce to the seventh heaven due to the sugar rush.

Matcha White Chocolate Fudge with Red Bean filling

Match or Green tea is an acquired taste. At least that was the case for me! I absolutely hated it about 5 yrs back ,used to wonder how people can eat this weird green colour tea, that too flavor your cakes and bakes with that!! My liking started with Green tea ice creams and mochi, slowly moved on to cakes, cheese cakes, chocolates and now I am absolutely addicted!
I am soo glad I am born after Green tea was discovered..how would I have lived without it!!!

Healthy Rice Krispie Treats with Dates

Traditionally the yummy rice krispie treats are made from Rice cereal , Marshmallows and oodles of butter. But this one is not  your regular rice Krispy treats with Marshmallows. It’s a lighter and healthier version with Dates Puree and peanut butter. Isn’t it great to hear that your favorite snack can be made so healthy and wholesome.. now you can munch on this non-stop without worrying about growing horizontally!!

Banana Chocolate Breakfast Muffins

I guess my quest for the perfect breakfast bakes has come to an end with this perfect Dark chocolate Banana Muffins. There are awfully chocolatey ,fruity and nutty and not too sweet to drag you to a sugar comma in the morning! I made a batch of this on Sunday and am enjoying this Muffins for breakfast. You have to trust me blindly here when I say that you have a bite of this Dark and divine muffins for your breakfast and your day is suddenly all brighterJ

Eat Muffins and Live long..and here goes the recipe! 

Pumpkin Seed Candy

If you have been to Hong Kong Airport, I bet you never missed the famous Kee Wah bakery. If you haven’t visited the place yet, please please do go there. Their best seller Pineapple shortcake is fabulously awesome. I tasted some of the best candies I ever had from here as well..Dates Candy , Pumpkin candy. I bought back a big pack of Pumpkin seed candy and my friends loved it.
It has been in my to-do list for a long time and I finally managed to clear that off from my list this weekendJ.

Blueberry Lemonade

Honestly I have no clue what the hell is seasonal cooking. How will I get a chance when I am in Singapore where there is only one season..Summer.. we get most veggies and fruits round the year. We get mangoes, berries, apples, oranges, plums, melon round  the year. The only way I am in sync with the seasonal fruits is via the blogs and food porn sites J When I see a flood of blueberry recipes…probably it is blueberry season in rest of the world. Anyways I am seeing lot of blueberries in supermarket these days. Since I am giving some rest to my oven I chose to make a simple lemonade and add some blueberry syrup to that. I must say the sweet blueberries and tarty lemon is an awesome combination.

Home-made Ginger Candy

I am falling in love with ginger, especially after reading  Ayurveda Bible.Great book to know your body constitution or Prakruthi,how to balance your energy , the right  food for your body type , the best way of making it and more.Ginger is universal medicine used soo widely in Ayurveda and that is the magic wand to my body type .You can check your body type here . I have heard my father saying  that eating fresh ginger before lunch and dinner to enhance digestion and better absorption of nutrients by the body tissues. So say bye bye to bloating and try this soothing  sweet n hot ginger candy.


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