Chocolate Cake Pops

Its raining cake pops…:-)

Haven’t you heard of the famous cake pops …if not ,do watch this video from Bakerella
Doesn’t that looks yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I had some left over chocolate cake from making the trifle
So I decided to give Cake pops a try..
I did not have candy melts so I used melted Chocolate buttons for Glazing


For making Chocolate Cake pops you will need
1 Cup Chocolate Cake Crumbles. Check the recipe for super easy Chocolate cake here
1 /4 Cup Chocolate Ganache. Check the recipe here
1/ 2 Cup Chocolate Buttons
Lollipop sticks
Sugar Decoratives

Crumble the cake, add in the ganache and mix well till the mixture holds shape and is no longer crumbly.
Now take half table spoon of the mixture and shape it into a ball.
Melt the chocolate in a microwave or via double boiling
Now if you have Lollipop stick you can use that else use a tooth pick, Dip about 1 cm of the stick in melted chocolate and insert into the cake balls.
Repeat the same for rest of the mixture and let it set in refrigerator for 30 minutes

Now take the balls and dip it in chocolate Ganache and drop the excess chocolate off.
Do check Bakerella video for the trick for shaking off the excess coating
Now decorate according to your taste. You can roll it on a Nuts mixture or Sugar decorative
Insert the stick into a Styrofam block to harden.

This is my entry to Choco-delites event hosted by Smitha



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