Tomato Tofu

This recipe is from one of my dearest friend, Jinzhou

On and off we meet up and cook lunch together.
Both of us love cooking …so we cook up at least 2 Chinese and 2 Indian dishes and will have a splendid Lunch !
She introduced me to many Chinese foods…like fungus…lotus seeds..Bai yee tofu…black sesame paste…etc etc and of course.. Chopsticks:-)
In due course, I played my role as an Indian Guru diligently ,schooling her on many Indian Snacks , dishes and even tried to teach her to eat with hands…failed there miserably…

This is one of her favourite tofu mine too:-) . It’s quite easy n tasty recipe and an excellent side dish for noodles or rice.

Here goes the recipe

3 Tomatoes Cut
1 Pack Firm tofu
2 Chilies
2 tspn Sesame Oil
Salt to taste
Chinese celery [Optional]

Cut the tofu in small Cubes and dry on a kitchen towel.
Heat the oil in a wok.
Once oil is hot enough, add the finely Chopped Chilies and sauté for few seconds.
Add tomatoes and continue to sauté till the tomatoes become slightly tender.
Add in the tofu and gently mix in. Sprinkle some salt and chopped celery leaves.
Cover and cook for a 3-4 minutes.

Serve hot with a bowl of noodles..


  1. This is a simple and yummy dish... Nice snaps..

  2. Thats a delicious and yummy tomato tofu..

  3. Delicious and tempting. Keep going

  4. I have never cooked with tofu, but this recipe has inspired me! thanks for sharing

  5. wow...tofu with noodles...yum yum!my fav ...lovely presentation,very tempting combo



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