Malabi - Milk Pudding

Malabi is a simple Israeli milk pudding which can be made in less than 10 minutes.
Its also popularlity known as Muhallibieh in many Mediterranean countries

I have been posting a lot of Mediterranean recipies lately…Lemme tell you why
I visited this amazing Lebenese/ Mediterranean restaurant here in Singapore…
And the best thing was that they had hell lot of recipe books there…so I managd to flip though many vegetarian recipies

So I these are my attemps to recreate them:-)

The recipe is super simple..

All you need is
1 Cup Milk [I used low fat version]
1.5 Table Spoons Corn flour
2 Table Spoons water.
2 Table Spoons sugar
1/ 4 tspn Rose water
Pistachio for Garnishing.

Start by heating the milk in medium low flame.
Mix the corn flour in with water, stir well .
Add the corn flour mix and sugar to milk .
Bring the flame to low and stir continuously.
After 4-5 minute the milk will start to thicken.
Switch off the flame and let the mix cool .
Transfer to the pudding moulds and refrigerate.

Just before serving add the chopped nuts, you can add date Syrup for more flavoring.

This is my entry to
Food palette series -White

And 15th Mediterranean Cooking Event – Israel
15th Mediterranean cooking event - Israel - tobias cooks! - 10.12.2010-10.01.2011


  1. Wishing you and ur family a happy and prosperous new year...woww malabi looks super delicious..

  2. delicious flavourful thank you for linking

  3. Thank you ladies..
    Wish you both a fabulous new year...

  4. this looks awesome... I've tried this recipe and it came out yummy... thnx for sharing.. love to follow u!

  5. Thanks for participating! The dish fits the event perfectly.

  6. This looks simple and very delicious. I presume vanilla will be good too. You have interesting recipes - the steamed milk cake is something I have been planning on making



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