My first daring bakers challenge..
This month’s Challenge is hosted by Astheroshe from  accro.
When I saw the challenge I was a bit taken back..hmmm….this was going to be a real challenge for me..
However once I started the drum roll it was not so bad as I thought…
Asteroshe have explained it soo well that it came out well on my first try …yeyyyyyy

For Patterned Joconde-Décor Paste
4 tablespoons butter
60g Confectioners' (icing) sugar
2 large egg whites
60 gms cake flour

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy
Gradually add egg white and beat continuously.
Fold in sifted flour.
Spread the batter in a baking sheet, about ¼ in think.
I used a wilton scale and drew the pattern .
Freeze it for 20 minutes

Meanwhile make the Sponge

For Joconde Sponge
30g almond flour/meal
25gms confectioners' (icing) sugar
1 Table spoon cake flour
1 large egg
1 large egg white
1 teaspoon white granulated sugar
1 tablespoon butter melted
1 table spoon Cocoa powder

1. In a clean mixing bowl whip the egg whites and white granulated sugar till soft peaks are formed. Keep aside
2. In another bowl Sift almond flour, confectioner’s sugar, cake flour and Cocoa powder
3. Add the eggs and mix well ntil smooth and light.
4. Fold in one third reserved whipped egg whites to almond mixture to lighten the batter. Fold in remaining whipped egg whites. Do not over mix.
5. Fold in melted butter.

Once the décor paste has been hardened, pour the sponge batter on top of the pattern
Bake at 475ºF /250ºC until the sponge cake bounces back when slightly pressed, approx. 15 minutes.
Let it cool .Do not leave too long, or you will have difficulty removing it from mat.
Flip cooled cake on to a parchment paper.

I forgot to add the butter and my sponge turned out to be a bit dry and it cracked a bit

For filling
You can use almost anything..mousses, pastry creams, Bavarian cream, cheesecakes, puddings, curds, jams, cookie bases, more cake, nuts, fresh fruit, chocolates, jelly

I used Butterscotch pudding. I used the instant version. Just mix with milk and stir well …Your pudding is ready.

Line the side and bottom of the spring foam pan with parchment paper.
Now trim the dark crispy edges.
Cut a long rectangular strip, so that it fits the diameter of the spring form pan.
Press the cake strips inside of the mold, decorative side facing out
I lined the bottom of the spring pan with a layer of sponge cake as well.
Pour the pudding on top of into the spring foam pan, and let it set.

Now you can unmold the spring foam pan and lift the base.
Carefully take off the parchment paper from sides

And there you have it…


  1. Looks very beautiful... appreciate ur patience...

  2. Thank u Krithi:-)
    Just between us..I am more towards impatient side..:-)lolz..

  3. love love the joconde.. if thats whats its called... u are really really patient truly :)

  4. superb ! am yet to reach your level of being called a seasoned baker! wow !

  5. The joconde has come out really well..nice blog..

  6. Nom nom :) I like pudding a lot and the joconde is a great friend of it :D The nuts on the top are very cute and decorative, those are pecans, right?

  7. Beautiful dessert! I love the pecans on top!

  8. Your entremets are very pretty. My daughter would love the butterscotch.

  9. Thank u all for ur generous comments :-)
    @Cataline, you guessed it right...those r pecans..

  10. Wow wow absolutely gorgeous.. neat finish and love the filling as well... Well done on the challenge.


  11. superb outcome for ur efforts n I must say,job well done..

    U've hv a wonderful space and do hop in my page when u find time and so glad following u ...

  12. Perfect little desserts. Great job

  13. Welcome to the Daring Bakers! Your entremet looks delicious :)

  14. So beautiful! I love the sizes!
    I love your pattern and decoration!



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