Bread Pockets

Are you one of those people, who always pick up bread when you are in supermarket?
Yes, I am one…I always have to have bread at home. Whether we eat it or not is a different story .. not relevant here:-)

Anyways this is a super easy and the most yummilicious snack you can make using left over bread…

If you have whole meal bread, it would be better. White would be just fine as well

So without further adieu, lemme introduce you to my beloved bread pockets..

All you need is
8 Bread slices
1 Chilly Chopped
1 Potato grated
1 carrot grated
1 Onion Chopped
1 tspn Oi l+ Quarter cup for shallow frying.
Salt to taste
½ tspn Garam Masala [Optional]

Heat oil in a wok.
Sauté Chilies and Onions for a minute.
Add in the potatoes and Carrots. Sprinkle salt and garam masala
Stir well and cover and cook for a 3 minutes till potatoes are cooked. Don’t overcook, else the mixture will turn mushy
Cut of the edges of the bread and dip you hand in water and gently pat the bread so that it is moist.
Add one spoon of mixture to the center of the bread and bring two opposite side to the center.
Wet your fingertip and moisten the sealing to that it won’t open up. Repeat the same for other 2 sides as well.
Next step is very important; place the filled bread pockets, seal side down. Gently press it down to make both sides flat. Let it rest for about 5-10 minute.

Heat Oil in a wide bottomed pan and add about quarter cup oil. You just need enough oil for shallow frying [Not deep frying]

Place the bread pockets, seal side down to the heated oil. Cook on medium heat till the sides start to turn golden brown.
Flip to the other side and cook till it becomes golden brown.

Its tastes best and super crispy when it is hot.


  1. This looks beautiful and tempting... The way you have sealed is pretty..

  2. Woww feel like munching rite now,soo tempting bread pockets..

  3. I wish I had a few for breakfast tomorrow! Yummy :)

    US Masala

  4. tempting and yummy it!!

  5. Weekend Recipe. Great and yummy !!!

  6. I love bread !!! I should try this out !!!



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