Khandvi....ICC for the month of January

My first Indian Cooking Challenge
Thank you Valli for hosting such a wonderful event:-)
When Valli posted Khandvi as the ICC for January, I was really looking forward to making it!
I love Dhoklas with Spicy Coriander/Mint Chutney and make it from time to time.So I thought another Gujju snack, thatz great..
I started with all confidence asking my hubby to be ready to eat Khandivi…

Man, my first try failed miserably, I under cooked it and batter was too runny and never dried up for rolling.
Second try... failed again, I overcooked and it became lumpy.
I started to panic; I am running out of Besan:-(

Oooo finally my third attempt came out well..

Valli shared  two recipies with us one from Lataji and one from Anupama Krishnamoorthy.I chose the latter one.

You will need
Besan / Gram flour - 1 cup
1.5 cups yoghurt
Water - 1.5 cups
1 green chili + 1 inch of grated ginger- Made to a paste
Salt to taste
Turmeric ¼ tsp
Asafetida / Hing - 1/2 tsp
Oil – 1 tbspn

For Tempering
Oil - 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 2 tsp

For garnish
Grated Coconut - 1.5 table spoon
Finely chopped Coriander - 2 table spoons

Mix the batter ingredients, except oil, in a bowl and stir well so that it has no lumps.

In a non-stick fry pan, add 1 tbsp oil. Add the batter and cook on medium-low flame stirring constantly.
The batter will start to coagulate, no worries..continue to stir.
Just keep stirring.Using the back of the laddle press any lumps so that the batter is smooth.
Be patient n stir till the batter turn to semi solid, infact more toward solid but still smooth.
It took me little more than 10 minutes
Spread the parchment paper on a flat surface, Spread the hot batter into the paper as thinly as possible
You can use the ladle and spread it in circles and you would do a dosa or crepe.

While still warm, cut strips with a knife so that you have 1’’ by 3’’ strips. Gently start rolling from the 1’’ side.

Place the rolls in a serving bowl

Heat 2 table spoons oil .When the oil is hot enough, add the mustard seeds.
Once Mustard seeds start to sputter , spread the tempering on top of the rolls.
Sprinkle the Grated coconut and Coriander leaves on top


  1. Khandvii looks swell ! seasons greetings to u & family !

  2. First time here...
    khandvii looks delicious....

    Check my space when u find time


  3. lovely looks so easy but to get the right consistency is a art...and it tastes divine...your khandvi looks so lovely


    Super Yummy Recipes

  4. Khandvi looks sooo tempting and prefect..

  5. yummy khandvi...looks awesome...

  6. Perfect looking khandvis, very neatly done!

    US Masala

  7. The khandvi looks so perfect, its actually so difficult to get it right you make it look so easy.

  8. Hola RAMYA ...que ensalada mas original y con un aspecto buenisimo ...apunto los ingredientes -Besosss MARIMI

  9. That khandvi looks yum delicious! first time on your blog! Nice going :)))



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