Me me...I have been tagged..

Revathi from Kaarasaaram has tagged me…so here goes a small me me

Who inspired you to cook or start a food blog?
To cook…two ppl, my dearest mom who amaze me with her speed n creativity and Lakshmi Nair who is the host of Magic Oven [To all non-mallus out there ,Magic oven is a popular cookery show popular in Kerala ]
I grew up watching ...Mom in Kitchen , cooking great food using simple ingredients and Lakshmi nair on TV sharing great recipes.
I have to say both ladies have the sweetest smile in the world:-)

To bake, all chefs from Asian Food Channel and Food network Asia…And all amazing n great bloggers out there:-)

What is your take on organic food? Is it a big deal for you?
Hmm..not really….I usually pick fresh veggies from supermarket and I totally trust my vegetable /fruit wash

You try a new recipe and and it does not turn good. What will you do?
Depends …there are some recipes I lost sleep over..
One would be Ginger bread recipe, I tried thrice on the same night till 1 AM in morning..
There are some which I don’t care much..:-)

Do you have a new year resolution and will you be sticking to it?
Nah….not a new year resolution person..

Do you time your breakfast, dinner and lunch or eat when you are hungry?
Yes, indeed. Infact I am a bit particular about timing. I have to have breakfast before 8 on weekday. Weekends I wake up around lunch time
Same for dinner, before 8 no matter weekday or weekends…a secret..I don’t eat anything after 9 pm.
Somehow I have this feeling my digestive system’s cut off time is 9 PM…I know I know it sounds stupid…

Name three ingredients you consciously avoid or eliminate even when the recipe calls for it?
Oil ,Sugar ..and I might reduce the amount of eggs..

Name three things you use in most recipes?
Freshly ground pepper and Cumin if cooking
Vanilla essence and Cinnamon powder if baking

How important is eating together as a family to you?
Back at home…yes, entire family will be at Dining table for lunch and dinner.
After marriage, meal buddies are 4!! Hubby, me , TV and sofa and we 4 stick together for all meals..
Poor dining table…always left alone ,we rarely use it..

You do not like the food at your favorite restaurant, what will you do?
Mostly, I keep it to myself as long as it is edible. But if it is disgusting, I will surely talk to them..

Lemme tag some of my blog friends..


  1. Glad to know more about u..enjoyed reading..

  2. Good to know more about u Ramya...thanks for sharing it with us...



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