Spinach n Tofu Soup

I haven’t been feeling too well, especially under the weather and travel…Feeling too bloated:-(
I was soo craving for some comfort food ,my mom’s food to be exact....her hot vegetable soup would b the best comfort food on a raining evening
How I wish there was teleportation…..sigh sigh…
Anyways I was in no mood to cut all veggies and slow cook it. So I decided to settle for Spinach soup.
It is pretty simple n quick and is an amazing healthy n comfort food:-)

All you need is
200 gms Spinach
Tofu 30 gms- Cut in small cubes
Small Piece of Ginger
Salt and Pepper to taste

Roughly chop the Spinach and sauté it for 2 -3 minutes till the leaves turn tender.
You do not have to cook it fully; once the leave starts to turn soft you can switch off the flame.
Let it cook for a while and Puree it in a blender with a Piece of ginger
Transfer the puree to a pot
Add in a cup of water and finely cubed tofu ,
Add salt and pepper to taste and let it simmer for 8-10 minutes

Yes, thatz it..!! Enjoy the soup with a Piece of Baguette:-)

This is my entry to Food Palette Green series


  1. Warm and nutrients rich soup... Nice clicks

  2. Wow wat a vibrant colour soup, sooo yummy..

  3. Umm healthy soup.. wish to have a bowl now... seriously wish there was teleportation.. u could send some to me :)
    get well soon :)

  4. What a colorful soup .Look yummy .Nice blog.Do drop by
    when u find time

  5. healthy colourful soup thank you for linking

  6. Great recipe, I love both spinach and tofu but never tried combining them. I will try it now ;)



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