Fig and Date Balls

Eureka! I have found the perfect guilt free snack! And what more ,its eggless, no bake and not even any cooking involved.
And with the added goodness of dates, figs , almonds and Oats!
Me being a sneak, I didn’t tell about the hidden Oats and nuts and gave the Sweet balls to DH who absolutely hates anything with a healthy tag on it!
He thought its some laddu and gorged on it and finished it in no time!
Later in the evening, he was searching the refrigerator for the sweet ballsJ
And he was like, it was soo good and you made such a small batch! And that’s when I reveled the secret ingredientsJ
I told him that in fact it had all his “enemy” stuff in it!
Still he was telling me that Oats and nuts are well hidden and next time I should make a larger batch!

So waste no time in whipping, mixing and baking instead try this Super power Fig and Date balls .
I bet these will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Fig and Date Balls

4 Dried Figs
8-10 Dates
10 almonds
3 tbspn Instant Oats

In a food processor or Mixer ,powder the oats first and keep aside.No need to make it a fine powder. Just a single pulse will do.
Next pulse the almonds for few seconds.
Now add the chopped dates and figs and pulse for few seconds.
Take the mix out to a plate, the mix will be quite sticky now.
Add the oats and mix well . The oats will absorb any left moisture and the mix will be no longer sticky.
Next , roll one tbpsn each to balls and enjoy the healthy snack

This is my entry to the favourite healthy snack recipe event hosted by Nags and Megha 


  1. Tempting and super delicious balls !! interesting one !!

    Ongoing event
    CC:Spring Seasonal Food

  2. Delicious sweet ball, that is really healthy.

  3. Yummy and Healthy snack...Balls luks so cute..

  4. wow very healthy recipe ramya,love it...clicks are amazing.

  5. Healthy and delicious the idea

  6. very healthy innovation dear!!loved it and will try soon..

  7. This sounds very easy and quite healthy too

  8. Woww... looks super cute and delicious.. thanks for the healthy recipe :)
    Indian Cuisine

  9. sounds very delicious...healthy indeed...looks so beautiful n well presented!!

  10. Yum ...I love anything with dates n nuts and it seems so gud

  11. Mindblowing,wat a healthy and addictive balls.

  12. Superb balls and very very beautiful photos.

  13. Healthy n delicious balls,tastes Yummy...

  14. innovative recipe.. love it with all that goodness..



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