Oat Flour and Banana Pancake

I woke up rather early for a weekend:-( Yap, 9 AM is still too early for me for a weekend..
I happily settled on my couch with my morning tea watching back to back episodes of “How I met your mother”..
Aaaa…Isn’t that a good kick start for a lazy weekend.

And what better way to please your hunger pangs than this light, fluffy n healthy pancakes.
We absolutely loved it and I am sure gone make this again ..its just soo simple and swiftJ

Oat Flour and Banana Pancake
[Makes 8 pancakes]
Recipe adapted from : Bob's Red Mill
1 Cup Oats Flour
¼ tspn Baking powder
¼ tspn cream of tartar
Pinch of salt
1 tablespoon Sugar
1 tablespoon Oil
1 egg- Separated
1 Banana Mashed

Beat the egg white until soft peaks are formed
Stir together the dry ingredients
Mix the wet ingredients- egg yolk, mashed banana and oil and add into the dry ingredients
Add about 1/3 Cup water or Milk to make thick batter. Batter should not be runny, rather a cake batter consistency
Gently fold in the egg whites
Heat the griddle and spoon the batter and spread it lightly.
Fry it until bubbles are formed around the pancakes, flip and cook other side.
Enjoy with generous serving of sweet maple syrup..


  1. That's wonderful combo and looks fab

  2. The last pictures makes me drool

  3. Perfect breakfast for the weekend.

  4. Healthy and delicious pancakes.

  5. Looks so yummy..Have always wanted to make pancakes. is there any alternative for cream of tartar?

  6. I love your recipe...All ingredients are permananent residents of my kitchen!

  7. Ramya, how yummy-looking pancakes! These are surely a great breakfast treat!

  8. @Rinku Naveen Cream of tartar is just to stabilize the egg white. If you don't have that then just add a pinch more of baking powder and do not over beat the batter:-)

  9. Hearty and lovely breakfast, looks yumm!

  10. Super fluffy and inviting pancakes,makes me hungry..

  11. I so wish some for my breakfast tomorrow ~ nice n hearty it looks!

  12. Luv ur presentation,..:) pancakes look yum

  13. HIMYM in the morning is a great way how to prepare for the day :D And if there were someone to make me these pancakes, it'd be simply perfect :D They sound so good and look even better! Yum :)

  14. wow..this is a healthy pan cake will try it out...i usually make with plain flour and oats mix will try ur version too.

  15. this looks lovely... can this be made eggless too..? pls help, i dont eat eggs

    1. Hi..sorry , i havent tried the eggless version yet. I will sure try next time and post it. You can try adding any egg replacers like flax seed meal or just extra baking powder and baking soda. That should do the trick.



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