Oats n Brown rice flakes Porridge

Lemme repeat the same slogan “Including oats in your diet provides a very long list of health benefits”. Wana know more?Check it out here

Today, I will stick to the conventional Oats porridge with a small Indian twist..
I am going to add Brown rice flakes /Aval/Poha..
Brown rice flakes are rich in dietary fiber and highly nutritious.

My mom have this habit of bringing a huge box of grocery items whenever she is visiting us..
I have to say I don’t have to go for grocery shopping for next 3 months. She makes sure that she fills up all my kitchen cabinets with Kerala groceries:-)
She had bought one pack of brown rice flakes, apparently home made at my dad’s ancestral place..
It was sadly sitting in my cupboard unopened....so I decided to add it in the porridge..:-)

And the result…we just loved it:-)

Here goes the super simple recipe
1/4 Cup Instant Oats
1/4 Cup brown Rice flakes
3/4 Cup Soy Milk or regular milk
2 tspn Brown sugar
1 table spoon Chopped nuts

Mix Oats, Rice flakes and milk in a microwave safe bowl
Microwave it in medium-high for 3 minutes till the oats are cooked
Add in the chopped nuts and brown sugar .

Yup thatz it!!!you can scoop in now:-)

Sending this recipe to Healthy Recipe Hunt - Riceflakes event hosted by Kurunji

And to Cooking With Whole Foods - Oats hosted by Priya and Kiran


  1. yummm -- i love oats & flakes porridge, yet to try the brown version of rice flakes !!

  2. yum healthy and guilt free... i would so love to have that plate now :)

  3. Woww wat a beautiful porridge to kick start a day, looks hearty,healthy and filling..

  4. Healthy and yummy! Rice flakes is a great addition to this porridge...

  5. Wow..looks so tempting and healthy too....

  6. Nice work oats is also gud for health and have this as my breakfast thanks for sharing and i am u r new follower thanks for joining as my follower and also for your lovely comments keep visiting.....

  7. Nice one...Tempting....
    First time here...you got a lovely blog...


  8. My mom makes this often but with sugar dear.. Lovely clicks..Loved ur presentation, good for breakfast

  9. Surely delicious! A healthy treat…

    US Masala

  10. Healthy and delicious porridge..Great picture!

  11. healthy n great tasting porridge..



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