Eggless Bread Pudding [Low fat version]

I have read somewhere that All good things in life are either expensive, fattening, bad for your health or illegal…Soo true isn’t?

That sure is the case for most things I love to eat…the first 3 at least:-)

It was during one of the departmental Coffee talks at work that I first had the taste of Bread pudding.
Of course I have seen it in dessert menu for a zillion times, but never bothered to order it thinking “how good can a bread dessert taste!!”

Usually during coffee talks they serve my favorite Cheese cake…So as usual, I skipped the finger sandwich, noodles and went straight to Dessert table to grab my dear cheese cake.
Grrrrrrr….it was not there…instead they had bread pudding…
Ok, at least something sweet is better than nothing, so I grabbed some…

After having my first spoon…my eye virtually popped out….it was that damn good. Creamy, buttery n melting in my mouth
Needless to say I have second..third……and …servings:-)
Man…I can’t forgive myself for ignoring this loveliest dessert for soo long…

So I decided to make the so called low fat and eggless version…

Here goes the recipe
8 Slices of bread [I used the Braided Oats bread]
1 Cup Milk
2 tspn Flax seed meal
2 tbspn Maple syrup
1 tbspn butter
Raisins and Nuts to taste. [I used about 1 table spoon raisin and 2 table spoon chopped nuts]

Cut the bread slices into two
In a shallow baking pan, arrange the bread slices in two layers
Now mix Milk, flax seed meal, and maple syrup and give it a stir.
Pour the milk mixture over the bread.
Using a fork, immerse the bread into the milk.
Keep aside for 30 minutes, till the bread had almost absorbed 80% of the milk.

Top with raisins and chopped nuts. Drizzle butter on top

Bake in a preheated oven for 30-40 min at 350 Degree

Top with more maple syrup and enjoy it either warn or cold..

Off this goes to A.W.E.D-British hosted by Revathi and DK

Celebrate Sweets - Warm Desserts hosted by Priya and Nivedita

Delicious Desserts hosted by Ally

And Cooking With Seeds event hosted by Priya


  1. Looks yum n gud...very tempting..

  2. This looks super yummy and not to mention..healthy too :)

    US Masala

  3. Looks very tempting,love the fact that its low fat too!

  4. I never thought of making eggless bread pudding,for me cant make pudding without eggs, u have proved it now, thanks for sharing this eggless version..

  5. Hi Ramya

    It is a delicious recipe that too low fat version,
    so nice of you for sharing this wonderful recipe.


  6. Liked the word low fat , it looks yummy :)

  7. Looks yummy and delicious warm bread pudding..Wow eggless too.

  8. super presentation and i loveee th epudding Ramya

  9. yum....i love the eggless version of thre pudding.i do the same way!
    nice space.

  10. It looks yummy!!I was searching this version for my hubby as he extremely loves pudding. u have a wonderful blog.I m now following you to get updates of your new recipes..

  11. Absolutely lip smacking... loved your version without the eggs...

  12. thanks for ur comments in my blog. bread pudding looks delicious and loved ur click perfect

  13. Eggless bread pudding looks delicious.

  14. First time in your blog. It's one of my favorite. Looks so yummy and delicious !!!

  15. This is so easy and very quick..very few ingredients too.. I made some raising bread this week which is still remaining in the fridge...will give it a try.. looks very yummy and nice click too.

  16. neat stuff!! looks very inviting!!

  17. Looks super-yummy..
    And low fat and eggless would definitely go for it!

  18. It looks very tempting..Lovely clicks too..Thanks or sharing!

  19. Just saw this on Reva's blog and was tempted to hop over...looks great and want to try it sometime, when the weather gets a bit cooler!!



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