Pumpkin Seed Candy

If you have been to Hong Kong Airport, I bet you never missed the famous Kee Wah bakery. If you haven’t visited the place yet, please please do go there. Their best seller Pineapple shortcake is fabulously awesome. I tasted some of the best candies I ever had from here as well..Dates Candy , Pumpkin candy. I bought back a big pack of Pumpkin seed candy and my friends loved it.
It has been in my to-do list for a long time and I finally managed to clear that off from my list this weekendJ.

I have started to use Raw Sugar or Candy sugar in many of my recent recipes. I got a few comments on what exactly is Raw sugar. So here is some info ,the difference between refined white sugar and Raw sugar is that that rock sugar is not as “sweet” like white sugar  and is naturally slow crystallized  and much less processed. It’s a widely used as sweetener in Ayurvedic  cooking and it is easy to digest. Back in India we also use it to sweeten infant/baby food like home porridge or purees .You can easily find this in most Asian grocery shops

So gear up, get that candy thermometer and lets go Candilicious and make some light and healthy candy to munch on.

Pumpkin Seed Candy

½ Cup roasted pumpkin seeds
1/3 Cup Raw Sugar
¼ Cup water
Pinch of salt

Dry roast the pumpkin seeds for 5 minutes until it start to brown lightly.
In a small pot add the sugar and water and attach the candy thermometer to the side.
Simmer until the all sugar is dissolved and the syrup starts to thicken.
Switch off the heat once the candy thermometer reads 280 Degrees.
Add the pumpkin seeds and salt, give it a good mix and spread on a lightly greased parchment paper
Let it set for 30 minutes and cut it into 1 inch squares and enjoy
Note: The sugar syrup will be really hot so be extra careful. Spray little oil in the parchment paper so that the candy don’t stick to the paper.


  1. looks so yum Ramya, now i have bookmarked this :D gonna try it and with variations... now who does not like a sweet treat :-) now this is like the 3 best green posts by you ~ green tea icecream, gingerline juice and now pumpkin seed candy :) going green i say

    Cook like Priya

  2. loving your new header, i did love the previous one too but change is good :)

    1. The new header is from bro-in-law:-)A gift..after I nagged him for weeks:-)

    2. tell him its great and how i wish i had ppl to work for my blog :-/

  3. love the looks of it Ramya; bookmarking it

  4. Pumpkin Seed Candy sounds awesome....I have never visited Hong Kong before but surely will keep this in mind :)

  5. wow dear this is awesome,i always find unique recipes here...hatsoff Rams:)

  6. awesome! I had a pocket of pumpkin seeds not sure what to do ! I am book marking this

  7. Wow awesome Ramya. I love the candy.Thanks for the pic of raw sugar I was not sure what it meant.

  8. Omg, can i get some rite now..Seriously cant take my eyes from ur clicks.

  9. woah! drool drool! what a lovely burfi!

  10. Pumpkin seed candy look yummy dear...ee raw sugar ennu parayunathu kalkandam anno?

  11. Kalkandam kondu candy, adipoli recipe.

  12. I was eyeing on this candy when i saw in fairprice. This looks like a perfect munchy snack. I think we must meet in the afternoon lunch time and share our goodies. What do u think. Lovely clicks.



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