Jalebi..Jangri..Jilebi..Or even JilaybeeeJ I honestly don’t know the right name.In my place we call is Jilaybee .After all what’s in a name.
It’s basically a yummy Indian sweet. As like most Indian sweet its superb sweet and not for light hearted folks. Its deep fried , doesn’t stop there and then we go ahead and soak it in a sugar syrup.
Now don’t count calories during this festive season , just indulge in this yummy sweet and bounce to the seventh heaven due to the sugar rush.

I saw this recipe in Taste of Kerala a popular cookery show in Kerala. I was soo inspired by the way the Aunty shaped the Jilebi.The way she shape it looks like a cake walk..But I failed miserably for first two batches, didn't go beyond a line or circle. But finally managed to get it right after a few revision of geometry!


Recipe Source: Taste of Kerala
Makes about 25-20 Mini Jilebis

½ Cup Urad Dhal
½ Cup Sugar
¾ Cup water
A drop of Orange color- I used Wilton Color
Few pods of Cardamom
Oil for deep frying

Soak urad dal for 2 hours
Grind into a smooth batter with very little water. I had to add 2 tbspn water.
Meanwhile prepare the Syrup-Mix, sugar and water and crushed cardamom in a pot and simmer until a sticky syrup is formed. Would take roughly about 10-15 min
Transfer the Urad batter to a pastry bag or a normal Zip lock bag
Now heat the oil in low flame, once small bubbles start to form on top of the oil gently squeeze the batter onto oil for about 1 inch diameter. Check the video for how to shape it.
On low heat let it cook on one side until it start to brown lightly, turn and cook other side.
Remove from oil and let it soak in warm syrup for 2-3 minutes and arrange in a tray


  1. wow what a perfect sweet, you have done it so well... i cant dare to do it but gives me some hope :D love it and they are my favorite yummmm

  2. Wow am drooling here...I should pay a visit to DP I guess

  3. Perfectly made jilebis.. Nice clicks..

  4. This looks very delicious. Making from urad dal is new to me. I always make jalebi from all purpose flour

  5. wow Ramya they r looking awesome....gr8 work,nothing can beat these fresh warm home made jangris..yum
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  6. Looks delectable... and beautiful clicks

  7. Adipoli ketto...the shape is just perfect...I always thought urad dal is used for jangiri...Because when u bite into it it tasted urad..and jalebi with APF..The clicks are beautiful...

  8. Looks delicious, I love this sweet very much. I too wanted to make but the shape that I don't think I can master it.

  9. Even I failed to achieve nice shapes, your looks way better than mine.
    This jalebis are looking juicy and crispy...

  10. Beautifully shaped dear... Looks so juicy n yummy

  11. very tempting and delicious and authentic!!!
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  12. nicely done looks so yummy..

  13. Damn cute and super irresistible jalebi, drooling here.

  14. Very beautiful looking jalebi's ... So tempted to eat one now

  15. Ramya...these cuties looks so tempting. I am drooling here. I have done the instant jalebi using yeast and plain flour. My aunty used to prepare this way but with slight changes. You are tempting me to make them today. Love it.Nice clicks as always.

  16. Love these juicy jangris, am yet to try my hand at this, looks awesome..

  17. I guess I should give this a try...



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