Sesame Candy with a hint of Cardamom and Ginger

A girl can never have enough shoes!! Never ever! Proved that again this weekendJ
DH needed a new pair of sports shoe and we went down for the Royal sports ware house sale! Sadly , he didn’t find any for his taste  , but I found a cute pair of lactose shoes. With this black shoe, I think my shoe collection is just perfect,  almost have a matching shoe for most of my pants..Great! Picked it!
Got out of the sale, what do I see? Crocs new arrival collection! Now, I have to try that. I tried a few but DH started to bug me as we had a movie to catch.All I could think during the movie is the cute little black crocs shoe calling out for me “Buy me please..pretty please”!! My shoe collection will be totally absolutely complete if I had that one more black crocs shoe, I started to fell a  gravity pull or rather a croc-ity pull. After 1.5 hours of  dreaming of the shoe in the midst of a movie, I went straight to the shop and got that one as well and walked happily to MRT doing the happy dance. Guess what there is a shoe sale in the courtyard, I automatically started to do another round of shoe to dress mapping! Man I am a shopaholic shoe-aholic! I NEED HELP!!!I NEED HELP!!

 Now let us come back to Candy from my shoe craze. This flavourful crunchy sesame candy will make a perfect gift item if you can manage to resist to spare any.

Sesame Candy with a hint of Cardamom and Ginger

Recipe courtesy: Spoonfull
1 Cup White Sesame seeds
3 tbspn Honey
3 tbspn Brown sugar
2 Pod of cardamom pounded well
½ tspn of Dried Ginger powder

Dry roast the sesame seeds for 5-7 minutes, until it is fragrant
Meanwhile add the honey ,brown sugar and flavouring in a heavy bottomed pan and bring to a boil, simmer for 5 minutes until it is bubbly.
Add the sugar syrup to the sesame seeds and mix well. Be careful here, it will be really hot.
Now gently scoop the mix to a parchment paper, put another later of parchment paper on top and using a rolling pin, roll it into ½ inch thickness.
Using a sharp knife, cut it into 1 inch slices and let it cool, you can break apart easily once it is cooled down.


  1. Don't say perfect until you see some other shoe calling you ;) ....candies looks yum ....

  2. wow healthy candy,luks yum...Loved ur presentation Ramya:)

  3. hahaha! :D You girls spend too much time shopping :P I hate shopping :D My mum buys my clothes, shoes, accessories and everything else required to make me feminine :P I prefer buying books & exotic ingredients! ;)

    Coming to your Sesame Candy, my gosh does that look wonderful!! I know how healthy sesame seeds are and I wouldn't mind gorging down a few pieces in this form everyday! :D

  4. Healthy candy and nice shots!

  5. Beautifully cut..perfection in shapes as to munch a few:)
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  6. Yummy ! First time here , Happy to follow you . Check out my blog in ur spare time
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  7. Yum! I love sesame and cardamom. These look fabulous!

  8. yummy n delicious...v tempting...

  9. Perfect squares and lovely packing and photography :)

  10. I can totally relate to u on the shoe craze!! I have the same urge to buy loads and loads of dresses & bags..anytime, any day!!And if i dont buy them, i see it in my dreams!!! :))

    Btw, super delish candy :)
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  11. LOvely , new to me. nice comb..

  12. New to me. looks yummy. awesome clicks.. nice combo. must try

  13. love this candy! turned out great...thanks its a great recipe!

  14. Wow ! Love this candy ever... Glad to follow u Ramya....

  15. Very yummy...looks perfect. Would like to have it now...

  16. Feel like grabbing and having some,irresistible sesame candy.

  17. No more buying those bird seed packets at the grocery check-out. Can't think of what they are called but always reminds me of bird seed. Thanks, look forward to trying homemade.

  18. Well let me confess i googled for lacosta shoes black and drooled over them after reading you. You are right i need the shoes too. They absolutely match all my pants.:)

    In this drooling i almost forgot to drool over the cute bag with a absolutely cute pink bow. and then the candy they are just inviting me. Tell you what pack the shoes and the candy in the cute bag and parcel them all to me. I will be your slave for life.
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  19. Me too..I too love to add on new shoes to my collection every month...these chicky looks yummm..i love them very much...must try it soon.nice clicks dear.

  20. Hi Ramya,
    I have tried this recipe and want to thank you for sharing it. Totally fool-proof and enjoyed the crunchy squares. I have posted in my blog, given credits to you and the original source. I hope its fine with you. Here is the link dear, would be really happy if you can visit :-) thank you girl

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