Black Sesame Cookies

Remember the emotional coma episode I went through after spotting my first grey hairL.I almost went into a panic mode for next few days doing treasure hunt in my head every morning! Ooopphh
Anyways I have decided to give that a stop for the time being coz I am pretty sure that I am gone find more if I am getting soo worked out by that one silver strand!
So basically I have decided to eat healthy ,stay fit and seriously thinking about coloring my hairJ.

All my resolutions start with a shopping! So obviously my healthy eating resolution also started with one round of shopping. The first thing I got was a bottle of Black Sesame powder
Black sesame is a natural nutrient rich in calcium ,vitamin, dietary fiber, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. You can use it as a topping for your cereal or salads, add it to your milk, even make cakes and cookies out of it! You should seriously try the black sesame with Soy milk. It’s awesome.
Now coming to today’s recipe its Black sesame cookies to peace your sweet tooth!

Black Sesame Cookies

½ Cup All purpose flour
½ Tspn Baking powder
¼ Cup Black Sesame powder
¼ Cup +1 tbspn Icing Sugar
3 tbspn Oil
2-3 tbspn Regular Milk or Almond or Soy Milk

Sieve together the dry ingredients ,flour, baking powder, sesame powder, icing sugar
Add the oil and run in oil to the dry ingredients until the texture resembles  bread crumbs
Slowly add in the milk and mix well until the dough can hold together
Take about 1tbspn dough, shape it into a ball and roll it in white sesame seeds, flatten it lightly and place it in a parchment paper
Bake in 180 Degrees preheated oven for 15-20minutes until the base of the cookies start to lightly brown.


  1. Looks so flavorful and delicious!!

  2. sound like a healthy treat....Back at home, we had a traditional version of cookies at home rolling black sesame, jaggery, brown rice powder and coconut....which was my absolute maybe this could act as my substitute :-) thanks for posting!

  3. Loved beautiful ,cute and delicious cookies..

  4. I have some black sesame in my pantry and am gonna try this soon

  5. Healthy lovely cookies and nice start...

  6. Love Love it...

  7. Looks yum ....nice recipe and fab pics

  8. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... Looks super pretty.. Love the preparation and presentation.. Amazing job Ramya :D
    Indian Cuisine

  9. Wow can imagine the flavour of this cookies, yummy and super tempting;

  10. yummy and healthy cookies... nice clicks

  11. cookies looks absolutely divine ....yummy

  12. this looks so delicious and wonder how i missed it :-/ Ramya where can i get black sesame powder? can we find it in indian shops?

    Cook like Priya

    1. Thank you Priya:-) You can get it in Chinese shops coz it is commonly used in their cuisine. But you can always make it at home, just dry roast and powder once cooled:-)

    2. oh why didn't i think of that :P thanks Ramya that was quick... :-)

  13. Hi - I tried to comment from my phone the other day but I'm not sure it went through. I want to make these but I have no clue what temp to bake them at. Hope you'll reply - Enjoy the season!

  14. I keep trying to send a question but my internet is being weird and I don't know if it's going through.
    I'm going to make these and nothing says what temp for the oven. I don't want to waste a batch or two trying to figure it out.
    Please let me know - and thanks for an excellent recipe that I can't wait to try!

  15. Hello...thank you for your comments..Sorry i missed to reply to your comments..The oven temperature is default..180 Degrees.



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