Gooseberry Pickle /Nellikka/Amla Pickle

Happy Onam !!Hope you all had a wonderful Onam Sadya  and said hai to Maveli!
I decided to skip making sadya this year, spend my day in office and had a grant sadya in evening at a Kerala restaurant.

Now coming to Amla and why I have developed a liking for Amla lately
It was few weeks back,  I  woke up ,had tea , chit chatting with DH and was getting ready to my office ..And then it happened!!!
It was almost unbelievable, I was shocked, felt miserable, almost in verge of tears!The drama queen inside jumped out, I called for my hubby and asked him to do the final verification!He checked and confirmed…Yes it is indeed a white hair! My first white hair.I didn’t want that visitor to step into my head until I hit my thirties.And to add fuel to my furry , DH happily said “Kilaviyayeyyyy”[U have become a granny!]
Needless to say I went into a depression for that day!
The next few minutes both me and DH frantically did a treasure hunt in my hair looking for more ! Gladly didn’t find any more of the silver stringsJ

Drama aside, I was telling the sad story to Amma and there come the advice "Eat more gooseberries and that will help", followed by a long lecture about the goodness of Amla and its Vitamin C and iron richness! Probably should make her the brand ambassador of Indian gooseberryJAnyways, I have pledged to take more Gooseberry in my diet So the first step was to juice it up, second was to pickle some

Gooseberry Pickle /Nellikka/Amla Pickle

Gooseberries 10 nos
1 tbspn Fenugreek Seeds
½ tbsn Mustard Seeds
1 tbspn Jeera seeds
1 tspn salt
2 tspn Chili powder
2 tbspn Sesame Oil

Dry roast the Fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, Jeera seeds until lightly browned and powder it finely
Wash and pat dry the gooseberries
Steam the gooseberries for 8-10  minutes, and let it cool
You will be able to de-seed the gooseberries easily now, and split the gooseberries into quarters
Heat the oil in a wok, once the oil is hot , switch off the heat and add in the spices and chilli powder and mix well.
Add the gooseberries and salt and bring it back to flame and cook  on low heat for another couple of minutes.
Let it cool and bottle it up. It will be more tender and flavorful the following day.


  1. Yummy and delicious pickle. nice presentation

  2. Yum ...looks tangy n tempting

  3. Ramya, don't worry even i have grey hair :-( just 1 or 2 thankfully has not spread...They say it could be cos of harsh chemical shampoos we use / hereditary... will sure have gooseberry although I am not a great fan of it. Loved your clicks

    Chicken Tikka~ Today’s Special
    Visit Cook like Priya

  4. My Dear - It happens to the best of us. I too faced this a few years ago and my Mom reponded "only 1 grey hair?... not to worry that'll soon change!!".

    My only solace is the friendly neighbourhood hair picker :-)

  5. That pickle looks delicious..loved ur drama by d way..

  6. wow Ramya mouthwatering here,pls parcel some:)

  7. the pickle....I am a total nellikka addict. We have a bottle of juice with mint and nellikka in the fridge always....its like staple part of our diet....has so many benefits. May be i shud put the juice recipe on my blog too :) neva tot of that till i saw ur post :)

  8. Wonderful and lovely pickle. Tasty and Tangy recipe.

  9. Tongue tickling pickle...looks absolutely delicious

  10. Ramya dont worry its means you are getting more wiser:), irresistible pickle,inviting.

  11. lovely pickle... anytime with roti or curd rice.. yummmmmmm


  12. Oh gosh!!! What yummy pickle. I just looooved the jar :)

  13. Oh yum! a tongue tickler - to think that we had the small nellikai maram in our backyard growing up!!!Mom used to make this all the time - never appreciated it then, but wish I could try it now :)

  14. vayil vellam vanittu vayya....slurp...too good.



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