Matcha /Green tea Cupcake with Red bean Filling

Back to blogosphere after another long breakJ
After settling my work related stuff in Shenzhen, we travelled around Guangzhou a bit.I have to admit I had a tough time finding vegetarian Chinese foodL
12 days in China, I could eat Chinese food for only 1 meal. Rest of the days I ate all cuisines Italian, western, Japanese, Mexican..basically everything except Authentic Chinese food!!
I managed to go the infamous toilet restaurant as well. After reading the reviews and seeing the funny pics, I just had to go there!But once I saw the menu and the toilet seats and not to mention the items on tables around I was taken back…a lot!
I chose to stick just to the dessert and a drink. To be honest, that itself was bit too Argghhhh for me.
Here are few picksJ

If I managed to disgust you enough! Let me come back to Matcha Cup cakes!
The fluffy ,moist and Green tea cupcakes is one of the best cupcakes I made till date!

Matcha /Green tea Cupcake with Red bean filling

110 gms Flour
50 ml milk
100 gms Caster sugar
50 gms butter
2 tspn Matcha powder
½ tspn baking powder
1 egg+1egg white
Red bean paste about ¼ Cup

Sift together the dry ingredients- Flour, baking powder and Matcha powder
Cream the butter and Sugar together until it is light.
Add in the eggs and mix well.
Add the milk and dry ingredients in two bathes and mix well.
Now add a spoonful batter to the cupcake liners , pipe a small amount to the red bean paste followed by another spoonful of batter.
Bake in a 170 degree preheated oven for 15-20 minutes


  1. different restaurant.nice cup ur post

  2. Delicious and colorful looking cupcake.

  3. Matcha cup cake looks really nice, I don't think I will go to that restaurant.

  4. loved the colour!!!so soft and moist cup cakes.

  5. Looks yum and such beautiful color ...

  6. Omg, wat a catchy and super cute looking cupcakes.

  7. Looking at the pics itself is a little too much for me, btw the cupcakes look awesome..

  8. Wow! delicious:-) Your space is full of delicious recipes with beautiful pictures..happy to follow your blog. Drop at my blog when you get time.

  9. wow, what a green colors, pics r so nice and so the cupcakes very delicious!!! Happy to follow visit us in ur free time.

  10. Thats a nice post. new to me..

  11. Wow...what a bright it....muffins look delish....

  12. Saving this one for sure! Does this recipe make 12?

  13. i love your hatke recipes... they are really different... i love your blog and hence have shared your blog for an award.. please come to my blog and the other details.. will definitely let you know when i try your recipes.. i have that muesli muffin on my list...!!!

  14. Hi there, Its always fun to see ur lovely recipes. And this one is looking amazing. I am so tempted to make it on my isle some day pretty soon. Enjoy your weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by my space and the warm words. Best Regards, Sonia

  15. my dad loves matcha & azuki beans.. thanks for sharing... but how many does this recipe make?



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