Matcha /Green tea Chiffon cake


I have been keeping the Matcha powder I got from Japan like a little piece of jewel for the past few months.
Every time I see it in the cupboard, I just open it ,smell it ,close it tightly  and dare not to use it .. I paid quite a hefty price for the small can of Matcha powder.
In the past 3 months I just used 1 tspn of it for making a batch of cupcakes.
So this weekend I decided to bake something with the fragrant matcha powder and the dice fell for the Chiffon cake

Matcha /Green tea Chiffon cake 1.jpg

Who doesn’t love the soft, fluffy, melt in your mouth chiffon cakes.
This one has a teeny tiny hint of bitterness from the Matcha powder and it has an amazing fragrance!

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Matcha /Green tea Chiffon cake

Ingredients- for 6 inch Cake
2 Eggs
20 ml Milk
20 ml Oil
40 gms Self raising flour
70 gms Caster Sugar
¾- 1 Tbspn Matcha Powder
Pinch of Cream of Tartar

Beat the egg whites until foamy, add the 50 gms sugar and cream of tartar and continue to beat until still peaks are formed.
Add the remaining 20 gms of sugar to the egg yolk and beat well.
Add the matcha powder, oil,milk to the egg yolk mix and mix well.
Folk in the flour to the mix.
Lastly fold in egg white into the egg yolk mix in 3 batches.
Pour the batter into a chiffon tin .
Bake in a 170 degrees preheated oven for 35 min.
Remove from oven and invert the cake as quick as possible on to a cooling rack.
After 10-15 minutes you can gently remove the tin, the cake will fall off by itself.

Matcha /Green tea Chiffon cake.jpg


  1. rare color cake is looking beautiful

  2. Wow..this looks awesome!!wish to have a eggless version of this:)

  3. Cake looks so beautiful and mouthwatering. Wonderfully made.

  4. Cake looks so soft colorful n beautiful

  5. Lovely colored cake...Looks wonderful...

  6. Love the color of the cake, awesome clicks.

  7. I know what you mean about saving Matcha. When I was in Tokyo last year I bought a tin of it from Ippodo and I took it out of the cupboard every now and then and smelled it. My Japanese friend and I thought I was being silly so we used it to make a Matcha Chiffon Cake just like yours but bigger. It was delicious, especially with whipped cream. Next time I'll buy 2 tins.

  8. been meaning to try chiffon cakes for ages! totally inspired now :)

  9. I have been wanting to make a green tea cake ever since I had one on a cruise ship. Looks great!

  10. Wow wat a beautiful chiffon cake..MINDBLOWING!

  11. Beautiful and I happen to have some Matcha lying around too! Just wondering what size of a chiffon tin I should be using for this recipe?

    Thank you!

    1. @ J- This is for a 6 inch Chiffon cake tin. I have updated the recipe:-)

  12. The color is wonderful, great job!

  13. Very nice pictures and looks very yummy

  14. Yo Ramya!! :D This is simply awesome!!!

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  16. hi there my cake didnt rise as high as yours. any idea what i could possibly do to improve it?

    1. hey Victoria..Few tips for chiffon cake - beat egg whites until stiff peaks are formed. Secondly be very careful when you fold in the eggwhites to very very gentle. Lastly invert the cake tin, once you take out of oven.Hope this helps:-)



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