Mini Bitter gourds stir fry

Does this happen to you often?
You see that cute shiny strange veggie in the supermarket.. you  are absolutely clueless what to do with it ..Still buy a pack of it coz it’s simply too cute?
You are in super market and there is something you have never seen before and no idea what it is or what to make with it..still buy it as it is on sale at 80% discount?
Yezz..This always happens with meJ
And see what I got during my last trip to Little India..I have no clue what it is…But isn’t it too cute?

Mini Bitter gourds stir fry
3/4 Cup Mini Bitter gourds
1 Red Onion finely chopped
½ tspn Chili powder
½ tspn turmeric powder
¼ tspn Mustard Seeds
Curry leaves
1 tspn Oil
Salt to taste
Wash and clean the bitter gourds and cut each ones into half
Heat a wok and add the oil
When the oil is warm add the mustard seeds and curry leaves sauté for few seconds
Add the onions and sauté until it is translucent
Add the bitter gourds , the spice powder salt to taste
Simmer, cover and cook until the bitter gourds have turned tender and cooked through

It turned out to be very less bitter than the big bitter gourds and very tender..


  1. wow. 1st pic is lovely. I never worked with mini bitter guards. does it taste same?

    1. @Kanan : Thank you for the comment! The mini ones are less bitter than the normal bittergourds..And very tender too!

  2. yummy looking stir fry looks wonderful

  3. i love bitter gourd very much...this version is yummy..will try it!

  4. Very healthy bitter gourd stir fry.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Look delicious. I have seen in Little India, nice and tempting.

  6. Ramya, I love these small bitter gourds, we don't get it here, when I visit India, I just eat it off the bowl, my mom fries it and they add it to sambar too, sorry for the long comment, just got carried away..

  7. These r seasonal ones and I buy them whenever I find them...just love this..n as u said even I belong 2 ur category..

  8. Yummy looking stir fry...Never found these little varieties here...

  9. Mini bitter gourds looks cute. stir fry looks yummy and tempting. Even i too belong to your category :)

  10. What cute looking bittergourds. I loved the recipe ramya. I am sure to try this aSAP :)

  11. This looks delicious..Totally YUMMY


  12. i am a great fan of this mini bitter gourds, nicely done ramya

  13. very tempting and delicious stir fry..loved the pics of cute karelas :)

  14. Wow, I love that 1st pic :-) Never found those cute mini bitter gourds before, stir sounds delicious..



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