Homemade Nutella/ Hazelnut Spread

Phewwwwww..I am back, after a month loonng break.
I am soo sorry to have left this place without a wordL in fact I didn’t even intent to take a break from blogging you know…just that there were soo many things happening in life that I just had to put this off to later, later and ended up with this loonng break …
Now the last few months has been a roller coaster ride..Ups and downs and up again. Letz now go flash back into the last few months Arrghhhh.
Bottom line I am at a very happy space now..enjoying my long break..little over 2 long weeks. First few days I just slept it all off, just getting in time to eat.And now busy shopping Christmas gifts and packing my bags for my 10 day break in my Hometown, yippppieeee. 

Coming to today’s recipe, it a homemade nutella… A lighter and healthier version . You are going to love this with a slice of toast..A perfect way to start your dayJ
More recipes with Nutella on  the wayJ

 Home-made  Nutella/ Hazelnut Spread

½ Cup Hazelnut
3 tbpsn Dark Chocolate Chips
2-3 tbspn Maple syrup
1 tspn Vanila extract
Pinch of salt

First step is to de-skin the Hazelnuts.
For that place the Hazelnuts in one layer in a baking sheet .
Transfer the tray to a 275 Degrees preheated oven to 15 -25 minutes, until the skin start to crack.
While the nuts are still hot, place the nuts on a kitchen towel, wrap and rub vigorously b/w hands until you are tired and Viola the nuts are de-skinned.
Blend the hazelnuts until it forms a paste. Add the remaining ingredients , continue blending until smooth paste is formed.[You can add more maple syrup or coconut Oil or even milk to achieve the desired consistency. If adding milk, try to finish off the spread in 4-5 days as shelf life may not be high]
Transfer into a jar and store in refrigerator for 2-3 weeks


  1. Homemade nutella spread, cant ask more..Beautifully done.

  2. Mmm Looks delicious Ramya. Enjoy your holidays.

  3. Perfect...

  4. Don't know what kept you away, but I'm so glad to have you back! :) I had gotten used to staring at good looking food pictures on your blog!!

    Homemade Nutella is genius! All I need now are some hazelnuts to make this wonderful spread! :)

    Christmas Cook Off Contest!

  5. Hi Ramya..I wanted to make the nutella spread and had already bought the hazelnuts..u have tempted me in doing it soon..looks yumm.love the clicks.

  6. I've always wanted to make my own Nutella - great recipe! And welcome back =)

  7. Ooh I love nutella and this version sounds awesome !!

  8. Another tempting recipe ..have got to try this one ..i haven't come across any maple syrup here, but I think we can substitute it with honey?
    Also can we use chopped slab of cadburys chocolate instead of the choc chips?

    Will try this out as soon as we return to Blore!

    1. hi manju,,sorry for latre reply. SUre go ahead and try it. I have tried replacing maple syrup with honey many times before. And cadburys wud do just fine.

  9. basic n useful recipe.beautiful pics....



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