Spaghetti with veggie balls

I am back after my exam and the weeklong post exam laziness syndrome!!
Anyways two good news to share ..I managed to crack that PMP examJ
And Secondly I am packing my bags to…to.....wait for it…The big Himalayan expedition…
We are embarking for the most adventurous trip of our lifetime…10 day trek in Himalayas!!

Now coming to the recipe,I was watching the recipe for Spaghetti and meat balls in Food network channel and was sooo tempted to make the veggie version of it..
Personally I totally loved the veggie version..the soft n lightly crunchy  veggie balls and the super tangy sauce….it was yummm.
But my hubby, who by the way is a carnivorous, said that this is nowhere close to the real juicy meat balls…
So vegetarians out there go ahead and give it a shot..I bet it won’t disappoint you..
Meat lovers…You are free to browse aroundJ

Here is what you need

150 gms Spaghetti cooked as per the package instructions
Pasta sauce of your choice-
I made the simple tomato sauce , recipe here and spiced it up with some Dried  basil, Oregano and ground Pepper

For Veggies balls you need
2 potatoes – grated
1 Carrot grated
1 Cup Frozen Green peas- Thawed
2 Cloves Chopped Garlic
1 tspn Olive Oil + Extra for shallow frying
Herbs of your choice- Dried Oregano n Basil..
Salt/Freshly ground Pepper to taste
Bread crumbs 1/2 Cup

In a wok, heat the olive oil, add in the garlic and herbs and sauté for few seconds.
Add in the potatoes and carrots and sauté for few minutes until the moisture is gone
Add in the peas, salt n pepper and cover n cook for 5-7 minutes.Let it cool a bit
Process the cooked veggies in a blender or food processor for few seconds until its mashed well
If needed you can add in a tablespoon corn flour and form small balls out of the mashed veggies..
Roll it in bread crumbs and shallow fry it in Olive oil until golden brown.

You can serve it as per your choice.
I chose to place the balls on top of cooked spaghetti and topped it generously with the pasta sauce and some grated parmesan cheese


  1. What a yummy combination..looks so good

  2. That looks like a lovely combination and is making go yum...

  3. Will happily finish that whole plate rite now...very inviting pasta with veggie balls..

  4. Wonderful and mouthwatering combination. Great preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Congratzz for clearing the PMP :) The spaghetti with vege balls looks delicious .....


  6. simple yet delicious looking pasta, Ramya! Love the veggie balls!!!

  7. Wonderful presentation, tempting n looks fabulous..

  8. You know what Ramya? I was actually thinking of making a veggie version of the spaghetti meat balls and here I see your recipe. This looks wonderful. Will definitely try this :)

  9. veggies balls and spaghetti great for veggie lovers...i always love the veggie version at home

  10. Delicious Pasta with yummy vegie balls.Congrats for clearing the exam.Happy Trecking in Himalayas.

  11. Yummy meatless balls and spaghetti. i had made these too only I did not think of making them with all veggies. Will do so next time.
    Enjoy your Himalayan Expedition and come back with lovely pictures.

  12. Congrats Ramya..Pasta looks amazing, will give it a try sometime..Good luck with your Himalayan expedition :)

  13. Himalaya treking sounds really adventure, have a good time!

    Veg spaheeti looks delicious...Very creative recipe.

  14. Wonderful dish.. makes me hungry:)

  15. Hi Ramya thanks for visiting me and your lovely comment. To answer your question GMS powder is a softner whose full form is (Glycerol Mono Sterate).

  16. simple yet delicious spagetti with vegie balls

  17. delicious and lovely clicks as usual.

  18. Wow! Trip to Himalayas - I bet it'll be great, maybe a bit too cold, but definitely something you won't forget :) I wish I could go there, too, in the future and maybe climb to Mt. Everest :D Anyway, the veggie balls look pretty good, though I'm a meat lover :)

  19. Perfect .. nice pictures. First time here .. lovely blog.

    Drop by my space when you get a chance.


  20. HI Ramya How are you> Long time I did not visit you. Sorry for the same,
    congratulations and all the best for the new adventure.
    this recipe I am going to bookmark and make it soon only for me :-) thanks.

  21. Ramya, the dish looks lovely and yummy. But even more congrats on cracking PMP.I know it must have been a task ..!! :)



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