Green Apple & Celery Juice

Green Apple & Celery Juice.jpg

This is one of my favorite juice, which is absolutely refreshing.
An amazing combination of crunchy , sweet n sour green apple and super food, alkaline Celery. They both compliment soo well and make the most energizing drink.
As I  still very much trapped in my laziness cocoon plus my work is keeping me busy,  I am hardly doing any baking and very minimal cooking..
But I am still continuing my new found interest, JuicingJ
So here is a recipe for the Super juice.

Green Apple & Celery Juice.jpg

Green Apple & Celery Juice

2 Green Apples
2 Stalks of Celery
1 Cup water.

Chop the apples and celery , blend them for few minutes.
Add the water and continue to blend for few more minutes.

Green Apple & Celery Juice.jpg


  1. Wonderful combo and beautiful presentation

  2. Loved the deep green colour of this drink. Looks stunning :)

  3. sounds very good. Did you strain it or keep it pulpy?

    1. I usually keep it Pulpy, but if you prefer you can strain it as well.

  4. Lovely colour! Perfect with breakfast!

  5. Refreshing drink. Perfect for summer.

  6. I make this drink whenever my father comes here. He simply loves it. its a wonderful all the beautiful do u take such beautiful clciks???simply amazing...mine are horrible..thats why I dont post and juice recipes.

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