Kueh Lapis /Thousand layer cake and another Macaroon disaster

The first half of the weekend was quite  disappointing with yet another failed macaroon episode.
I have been trying to make macaroons for past two weeks and somehow the piped macaroons never dry. It is always sticky
I waited for 1..2.3..4 hours…put the tray under Fan, moved the tray to Aircon room .Still it refuse to dry.After a long 4 hrs wait , I went ahead and baked the cookies..The depth of the disaster I will leave it to your imagination..
Finally I put the blame on the humid Singapore weather..
Ladies, if you know any macaroon tips on how to make the piped macaroons dry , please please enlighten me…

Anyways after the failed macaroon saga , I am left with a lot of egg yolks..
I had bookmarked this video sometime back and decided to give it a try.
And that was the famous Indonesian Indulgence and a baker’s challenge -Kueh Lapis.
I won’t say it’s a test on your baking skills, rather it’s a real test of your patience levels..I mean a real test

Kueh lapis or thousand layer cake is a super rich n tasty Kueh with thin layers of cakes.
Each layer is spread out and grilled/baked separately. The result--the most moist and delicious cake. I bet you can’t stop at jus one piece

A word of caution it’s a very time consuming process, so unless you have solid 3-4 hours in hand, don’t try this.
But if you can spare some time, go ahead and try. It’s totally worth the effort..
Since it’s my first attempt, I won’t say it’s the best, but definitely tasted good and got lot of Oooo and yumm from my dear colleagues..

I am definitely gona try this again sometime soon, once I have gathered enough Patience :-)
Next time I will add Dried Prunes in-between the layers.

So without further adieu, here is recipe of Kueh Lapis
Recipe Source: Youtube Video from Here

Butter 220gms
All Spice powder 1/2 Tbspn
Vanilla essence 1/2 Tbspn
Egg Yolks 10
Sugar 70 gms
Cake Flour 60 gms

Sugar 50 Gms

Pre-heat the oven to 150 degree.
Whisk the egg whites till foamy, add the sugar and continue to beat till stiff peaks are formed
In another bowl, cream the butter. Add the spice powder and Vanilla essence and continue to beat until the butter is really creamy
Beat the egg yolks for a few minutes, add in the sugar and continue to beat till it thickens. This will take a bit long about 8-10 minutes of beating.
Once the egg yolks has turned thick .Add this to butter mixture and continue to beat until all are mixed well.

Now using a spatula, gently fold in the egg whites in 3 batches.
Make sure that there are no big air pockets because of the egg whites.

Increase the oven temperature to 200 Degree, place the rack on the top most slot.

Line a rectangular pan with parchment paper and drop about a ½ tsp butter .Keep the pan in oven for few seconds
Take the pan out; butter would have melted by now. Tilt the pan and make sure that the base of the tin is well coated with butter
No need to grease the side of the pan.

Spoon about 3 tablespoons of batter and spread it using a spoon evenly in the base.
Bake for 8-15 minutes till the top has turned Golden brown. The baking time totally depend on the oven, for me it took about 12 minutes to get the top browned
Take out the pan and test using a cake tester/toothpick. If there are any big bubbles formed, poke it using the toothpick.

Using a wide spatula, gently press down the cake.
Brush some melted butter on top of the cake layer.

Spoon in another 2 tablespoon of batter and repeat the same process, of baking, smoothing and brushing with melted butter.
Repeat till the batter is over.

*If the top is getting browned too quickly and the cake tester is not coming out clean . Move the rack to the middle of the oven and lower the temperature to 180 Degree

There you have the Famous Indonesia Indulgence- Kueh Lapis

Off this goes to Crazy for Cakes event hosted by Priya


  1. Hats off to your patience dear....Your hard work shows here. Remarkable !! I can't take my eyes off from the layers. Too good

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. OMG these many layers!! tats a salute to ur patience n ur passion towards cooking..wow..love it!!

  3. They look so Beautiful ..lovely layered cake looks yum!

  4. I have seen this cake in fairprice...but never thought we can make at home. Great job!

  5. Wow so many layers !!! looks so awesome and nice work !!!

  6. Wow.. the layers looks super-gorgeous.. Can see your efforts in here..


  7. Wow. Looks so beautiful. Could not believe that this is home made!!

  8. What an amazing click, looks beautiful and yum!

  9. OMG..you really made this?? I love this one ...always get a piece or two whenever I can in buffets ...:D

    Wish I was ur colleague too ;)...looks super delicious n nice pics ..r u in FB?

  10. And ya ..I'm glad that you liked that chutney..will try to post some ridge gourd recipe for sure dear

  11. wow u tried this,..looks yum,.

  12. beautiful clicks..looks so yumm!!

  13. omg- first a salute to ur patience and this looks really rocking !!

  14. Wow............looks so beautiful. How did u do that really should try this. Can u pls upload the step wise photos for this recipe. Want to prepare that. Thank u ...

  15. You've done it so well! Beautiful layers dear....

  16. Wow.. Perfectly thin layers and would have tasted gorgeous..

  17. Indonesian layered cake looks awesome. it is somewhat similar to Goan Bebenca. sorry for your macaroon saga, you will become victorious next time.

  18. Superb work dear.....Great layers and clicks too...


  19. U have laods of patience, fabulous looking thousand layer cake,looks absolutely marvellous..

  20. Wow the cake looks so spongy and perfect !! Wonderful Clicks too ....

  21. Ramya, I hope you are planning to submit this SUPER delish looking cake to my event dear!look forward.

  22. OMG!!!! that looks heavenly.. girl you are real patient... thats spongy.. yummy and beautiful to look at :)

  23. Wow..that looks SPLENDID!!
    So many layers..wow..very neatly done!

    US Masala

  24. Wow..I could see all the layers, A great applause for ur patience and this is totally new to me yaar..

  25. 1000 layer cake luks fantabulous and about the macroons,u dont worry,U can still try a better recipe that gives thick batter...

  26. Very appealing to me, beautiful layers,

  27. One really needs time and patience for this dear. The outcome though is mouth watering.... I wud love if somebody cud bake this for me ;-P

  28. OMG, you have got lots of patience..really appreciated!! great cake...

  29. beautifully done layer cake delicious

  30. Wow so yummy and tempting layer cake..Hats off to your efforts..

  31. That one looks fabulous! It sure looks like your patience paid off.

  32. I'm sorry to hear about the macaroons, least assured it happens to all of us once in a while. Hey the cake has come out totally WOW! Wish I could successfully bake something so impressive!

  33. Hi,
    You have an award in my blog. Please visit and collect the award.

  34. This is my first time here. What attracted me was the fact that these cakes look like Bebinca that people here Goa make.
    Fantastic cake.Hats off to you if you say you did not have patience when you were making this one. Me I like to get out of the kitchen super quick.

    Glad to follow you.

  35. I couldn't believe how artistic you are.

  36. Wow! So many layers, I can't imagine myself making them all but I believe it's utterly delicious! And your presentation of the cake in the photos is fantastic!

  37. Ramya dear, you have a surprise on my blog - please visit and claim it!

  38. Perfect cake..looks very tempting

  39. Ramya, hearty congrats on being the Dessert Maker Par Excellence @ Now Serving - ! u truly deserve it !!

  40. Hi Ramya,

    It's my first time here and I really love your blog. This thousand layer cake looks like a piece of art. Congrats on winning the award. :)

  41. perfect layers ramya!! great job..
    you've an award waiting for you in my blog. Do collect it!!

  42. Hi, I just discovered your lovely blog through Priya's site. Congratulations on your award. The cake looks so divine with so many luscious layers.

  43. Congrats on winning priya's event !!! The cake looks so perfect !!! So many layers !!!

  44. Hi ramya....first time here..engineyooooo ee blogokke miss cheythu...following u dear...

  45. Hi, I've tried making this today, and I have a few questions:
    1. It was very difficult incoperating the whites into the creamed batter, and due to the very different texture, it took AGES to mix in, I feel I may have ruined the air pockets in the whites here.
    2. every layer shrinks away from the tin, is this normal?
    3. When I spoon the mixture on top of each layer, it melts, this is normal too?
    4. My cake came out not as light, but more dense, otherwise it tastes pretty good. Can it be due to the egg white having lost the air? How do I improve this? Thanks so much! :)

  46. @Ladies: Thank u all for ur lovely comments..
    @ Cabnolen: Thanks for stopping by my blog and trying the recipe..
    Here goes some tips..
    1.If the creamed batter is too thick, you can add a tablespoon of milk, give it a whisk and then proceed with mixing the whites. Do check out the video I have linked to on how to mix in the whites. You can go ahead a fold in the whites a bit vigorously.
    2.A bit of shrinking is ok ,but if it is shrinking really visible [ >3mm] then move the rack to center of the oven and lower the temperature to 180 Degree
    3.Yes, it is normal. The batter will melt slightly.
    4.Kueh lapis is not as light as a Chiffon cake it is a rich and slightly dense cake .After cooling and when you take a bite it will be soft. Don’t forget to press down the baked layer followed by brushing with butter before topping the next layer.

  47. About the macaroons, I have the same problem. However, I managed to bake a successful batch by adding 1 tsp of meringue powder to the egg whites. After blowing the piped mixture using a fan for 1 hour, I baked it and they turn out alright. See my blog post for the picture :)




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